White Blue, Episode 04 Previews

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White Blue ~具合のいい白衣~ / White Blue ~ A nice white coat ~

I’m quitting this hospital, so I’m going to get a permanent job with Kyota
Anne who makes cute suggestions with an innocent smile
Kyota, who has a strong feeling for her who loves herself, decides to do her best in rehabilitation, dreaming of a life with Anne alone.
It’s only a sad and ephemeral tragedy to visit such two people …
All right … this much …
The days of being kidnapped and soaked in cloudiness are over, and it’s the one that jumps into Anne’s eyes as she tries to think about a bright future with Kyota …
Asahi exposed it to the bare, it was a thick standing with squid and distortion
What the hell …
The more I desperately try to shake it off, the more I pile up with Kyota …
The memory of the abominable body was revived …

White Blue, ホワイト ブルー


新レーベル始動で、いやらしさinnovation UP
「Petit」レーベルの新たな「coquttish doll・PoRO」は、切なくてエロく「可愛くてジュ~シィ」な白衣の天使!
「寝取られ」ジャンルを確立したLiLiM DARKNESS様原作の「Blue」シリーズから、最新作「White Blue」をPoROブランドで久々の鬱勃起アニメ化第四弾っ!

原作:White Blue(原作:LiLiM DARKNESS)/企画:いちもつ堂/プロデューサー:天手毛天/脚本:PON/キャラクターデザイン:きのはらひかる/製作:PoRO

White Blue

ホワイト ブルー
Rating 5.74
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2020 Duration: 30 min. Country: Type: OVA Censor: Censored Director:
Hibari-chan, a serious and innocent nurse, is a fallen heroine following the previous work! After being deceived by a young doctor who is modest, rewarding, obedient, jealous, and secretly thinking about her in a white coat, she is deceived by a young doctor who eats women as a thing with a cruel taste behind a refreshing handsome mask ... ... Hibari-chan in a white coat who is threatened and relentlessly attacked. The body is forcibly accustomed to the situation where it is skillfully hesitated and tampered with even if it desperately resists! While complaining and hating, it's a must-see for the process of diminishing body resistance and asking you to stick to it! Leaking from the mouth that should have been disliked is giving up and panting ... Someday ... An angel in a white coat who dislikes being seen instead of being disliked ... An innocent girlfriend is forced to change and fall The excitement of "cuckold" makes your crotch gloomy! White Blue, ホワイト ブルー  

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