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White Blue, Episode 03 Previews

OVA RAW RAW Released on May 29, 2021 · ? views · Posted by Suribe Yaneri · series White Blue

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White Blue ~ Convenient white coat ~ / White Blue ~ Convenient white coat ~

Get out
Hibari breaks up without being able to make excuses for the foolery with Ishigami who has been caught by Kyota …
Ann, who knew about such a situation, has been enthusiastic and cheerful to heal Kyota.
It’s a special treatment for Anne. Don’t worry because she’s a medical practice
Anne burying her face in her crotch and staring at her while gently rubbing her, crawls her terra terra and her shining tongue and slowly licks it …
Her actions were hard, both in the bath and in the courtyard …
Another line of sight looking at her was Asahi, who had Ishigami, who devoured her skylark, as her girlfriend.
Her love is easily betrayed. This guy

White Blue

Hibari breaks up
with Ishigami without even being able to come up with an excuse for his obscene behavior with Kyota, who has found out about it…
Anne, who has learned about this situation, bravely tries to comfort Kyota by staying close to him and cheering him up…
Because it’s a special treatment for Anne-san. Since it was a medical procedure,
Ann buried her face in his crotch and looked at it while rubbing it gently, and then she ran her shiny tip of her tongue and licked it carefully… She did this with all her might, both in the bath
and in the courtyard. The other gaze staring at her was Asahi
, who kept Ishigami, who had devoured Hibari, as his baby.
Love can easily be betrayed. It’s this guy

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White Blue

ホワイト ブルー
Rating 5.74
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2020 Duration: 30 min. Country: Type: OVA Censor: Censored Director:
Hibari-chan, a serious and innocent nurse, is a fallen heroine following the previous work! After being deceived by a young doctor who is modest, rewarding, obedient, jealous, and secretly thinking about her in a white coat, she is deceived by a young doctor who eats women as a thing with a cruel taste behind a refreshing handsome mask ... ... Hibari-chan in a white coat who is threatened and relentlessly attacked. The body is forcibly accustomed to the situation where it is skillfully hesitated and tampered with even if it desperately resists! While complaining and hating, it's a must-see for the process of diminishing body resistance and asking you to stick to it! Leaking from the mouth that should have been disliked is giving up and panting ... Someday ... An angel in a white coat who dislikes being seen instead of being disliked ... An innocent girlfriend is forced to change and fall The excitement of "cuckold" makes your crotch gloomy! White Blue, ホワイト ブルー  

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