Otona nya Koi no Shikata ga Wakaranee!, Episode 01 Raw

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EPISODE 01. マグロ君かどうか、試してみる?/ EPISODE 01. Would you like to try tuna?

Mio is an office lady who hasn’t had a romance. I’m not interested in men, and every day I focus on work.
She felt a sense of crisis as expected, and participated in a joint party with her colleague.
However, she still can’t beat anyone …
On the contrary, Mashima, a high-spec boy I met at a joint party, was a super unpleasant guy.
Mio explodes her anger at her remarks that make her a fool.
“Well, you … tuna-kun, right?” Mio provokes Mashima.
She responded to Mashima, saying, “Well, let’s try it, I’m a tuna.”
As a result, the situation goes in an unexpected direction … If you notice it, the two of you will be in a love hotel!
“What should I do, I haven’t had sex in 5 years …!?”

Screenplay: Nora Mouri / Storyboard: Yuma Suzuki / Director: Yuma Suzuki / Yuki Shiina / Animation Director: Toshiomi Iizumi / rere / Creberus / Suwrarin Promjutikanon / Chotanan Pipobwprachai


Otona nya Koi no Shikata ga Wakaranee!, 大人にゃ恋の仕方がわからねぇ!


Otona nya Koi no Shikata ga Wakaranee!

Otokoi, 大人にゃ恋の仕方がわからねぇ!
Rating 5.69
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2020 Duration: 3 min. per ep. Season: Country: Type: TV Episodes: 8 Censor: Censored Director: , Casts: , , , , ,
I haven't had a crush or a feeling of love. Mio is 30 years old who has been having sex for 5 years. She is a work woman who has forgotten her love. At that time, Mashima, a high-quality man I met at a joint party, is a super unpleasant guy! Say "I'm not interested in women" and freeze the place. Mio made a provocative remark to Majima, and the situation went in an unexpected direction ... ?? Moreover, in fact, Mashima is also "unlucky" ... Such a rapid development, the people themselves can not keep up! ?? A strange and funny love rehabilitation story between hidden people! Main cast Shuji Mashima: Kento Ito (on-air version) / Chasuke (premium version) Mio Sudo: Kaede Yuasa (on-air version) / Yuzu honey (premium version) Kotaro Tokura: Shinichiro Kamio (on-air version) / Ai Ichiya (premium version)
あらすじ ときめくことも、恋するきもちももうすっかりご無沙汰。 美緒はセックスご無沙汰5年の30歳。恋を忘れた仕事女。 そんな時、合コンで出会ったハイスぺ男・真島は超イヤな奴!「女に興味ない」と言い切り、その場を凍り付かせる。 そんな真島に、美緒が挑発的な発言をして事態は思わぬ方向へ…気づけば二人でラブホにイン!? しかも、実は真島も「ご無沙汰」で…こんな急展開、当人同士も付いていけません!? 隠れご無沙汰同士の、奇妙で笑える恋のリハビリ物語! メインキャスト 真島修二 : 伊東健人(オンエア版) / 茶介(プレミアム版) 須藤美緒 : 湯浅かえで(オンエア版) / ゆずはちみつ(プレミアム版) 戸倉孝太郎 : 神尾晋一郎(オンエア版) / 一夜愛(プレミアム版)
Otona nya Koi no Shikata ga Wakaranee!, 大人にゃ恋の仕方がわからねぇ!


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