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Fall 2020

[FemCorruption] The Consequence Of Being A Rentboy

4 episodes · Movie Completed 【メス堕ち♂】男の子を金で買い続けた結果…モーションコミック版

“Hinahara Mansion” Original Beauty Shota [Fallen Female] CG collection becomes a slimy moving motion comic!
A straight boy who met a man who was caught by money and met on SNS.
A boy with a cheeky atmosphere that seems to be adolescent is bought by a man for money,
He gradually became aware of himself as a girl. She is a content that becomes horny as a female.
Keeping the goodness of the original CG,
Character voices, sound effects, and BGM will bring you a more practical feeling ♪


Aku no Onna Kanbu: Full Moon Night R

2 episodes · OVA Completed 悪の女幹部フルムーンナイトR

T-Rex Studio together with Lune and Director Raika Ken announced the continuation of the popular hentai “Aku no Onna Kanbu / Insidious Lord of Women” and ” Aku no Onna Kanbu: Full Moon Night / Insidious Lord of women: Night of the full moon “under the title” Aku no Onna Kanbu: Full Moon Night R”.

Hentai will be based on the visual novel of the same name from Lune Studio. The story takes place several years after the events of the first season. The main character of the story Kazuma-kun – an ordinary Japanese boy who hides an incredible power that can save all of humanity. He simply extracts magic power from women during their orgasms and uses it to subdue other girls and so on in a circle. Subjected to his power, the girls become dependent on Katsumi-kun and do not dare to resist his will. In the New OVA, the main character, in addition to conquering the next beauties, finally decides to deal with his bosses from silver Star…

Eternity: Shinya no Nurekoi Channel ♡

12 episodes · TV Completed Eternity: Sweet Love Story, Eternity: Late Night Wet Love Channel, エタニティ ~深夜の濡恋ちゃんねる♡~

Have a sweet moment for women in the world. Twelve different heroes invite you to a time of healing and pleasure. SPs, architects, presidents, and various handsome heroes will appear in front of you. Who do you want to spend the same time with?

Otona nya Koi no Shikata ga Wakaranee!

Ether Kitten
8 episodes · TV Ongoing Otokoi, 大人にゃ恋の仕方がわからねぇ!

I haven’t had a crush or a feeling of love. Mio is 30 years old who has been having sex for 5 years. She is a work woman who has forgotten her love. At that time, Mashima, a high-quality man I met at a joint party, is a super unpleasant guy! Say “I’m not interested in women” and freeze the place. Mio made a provocative remark to Majima, and the situation went in an unexpected direction … ?? Moreover, in fact, Mashima is also “unlucky” … Such a rapid development, the people themselves can not keep up! ?? A strange and funny love rehabilitation story between hidden people!

Main cast
Shuji Mashima: Kento Ito (on-air version) / Chasuke (premium version)
Mio Sudo: Kaede Yuasa (on-air version) / Yuzu honey (premium version)
Kotaro Tokura: Shinichiro Kamio (on-air version) / Ai Ichiya (premium version)

ときめくことも、恋するきもちももうすっかりご無沙汰。 美緒はセックスご無沙汰5年の30歳。恋を忘れた仕事女。 そんな時、合コンで出会ったハイスぺ男・真島は超イヤな奴!「女に興味ない」と言い切り、その場を凍り付かせる。 そんな真島に、美緒が挑発的な発言をして事態は思わぬ方向へ…気づけば二人でラブホにイン!? しかも、実は真島も「ご無沙汰」で…こんな急展開、当人同士も付いていけません!? 隠れご無沙汰同士の、奇妙で笑える恋のリハビリ物語!

真島修二 : 伊東健人(オンエア版) / 茶介(プレミアム版)
須藤美緒 : 湯浅かえで(オンエア版) / ゆずはちみつ(プレミアム版)
戸倉孝太郎 : 神尾晋一郎(オンエア版) / 一夜愛(プレミアム版)

Otona nya Koi no Shikata ga Wakaranee!, 大人にゃ恋の仕方がわからねぇ!

Taimanin Asagi: Toraware no Niku Ningyou

Teatro Nishi Tokyo Studio
1 episodes · OVA Completed Taimanin Asagi Spinoff Story, 対魔忍アサギ~捕らわれの肉人形~

Studio ZIZ announced the release of the hentai anime “Taimanin Asagi Toraware no Naku Ningyou”, which is essentially a spinoff of the original third part of the adventures of “demon Hunters”. OVA itself borrows many scenes from the original third part. The action takes place in Japan in the territory of darkness. Asagi, Sakura, and Murasaki fell into a trap set by the syndicate and became real sex slaves after being brainwashed. Now they are forced to serve as a terrible monster and fulfill all their most depraved requests.

Toromitsu Musume no Hitou Service: Torottoro Churu Churu Gohoushi Sasete Kudasai

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Melting Juice Lolis' Spa Services: Let Us Do Slurp-Slurp-Melting Care!, トロみつ娘の秘湯サービス ~とろッとろちゅるちゅるご奉仕させてください~

On October 30, bomb! CUTE! BOMB! Studio presented its new work called “Toromitsu Musume no Hito Service Torotoro Churu Churu Gohoushi Sasete Kudasai”.

The main character of hentai, unexpectedly for himself, falls into the “secret hot spring of sex and debauchery”. He is hospitably greeted by three incredibly cute girls-Hazuki, Amane and Hina-Chan. They are ready to go to any depraved actions and fulfill any lustful wishes of their honored guest, if only he was satisfied with their service. Of course, our hero decided to come off to the full and enjoy the sexual bodies of young beauties…