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#2. ェ呪いのビデオ / E Noroi no Video / The Cursed Video

One day, Eguchi is handed a videotape by a friend. He wants me to check its contents.
On its back was written, “If you see it, you will die. Don’t look! Never look.”
Eguchi, who somehow felt uncomfortable, tried to refuse, but
Eguchi was the only one who had something like an antique like a VCR, so his friends wouldn’t give up.
In the end, Eguchi reluctantly agreed to buy his friend’s grilled meat.
When I go home and play the video, it shows a long-haired woman standing in an alleyway somewhere.
Noise runs on the screen. I feel like I can see the woman’s figure more clearly than before.
But it wasn’t just my imagination, every time there was noise on the screen, she approached the screen as if to walk towards me.
When her face hidden in her bangs is projected on the screen, the image ends there and the screen goes dark.
But a video with meaningful labels couldn’t end there.
A hand emerged from the darkened screen, and it slowly moved toward me.
Eguchi slacks off and steps back in the same position.
From the TV screen, not only her hand, but the woman who was in the video earlier was about to come out with an eerie smile.
Trying to get out of there, she inadvertently caught her foot on the edge of her screen and fell off her head.
Approach the woman who has passed out. Eguchi was fascinated by her big tits,
In spite of her unusual existence, she started sexually mischievous.

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Toshi Densetsu Series

Urban Legend Series, 都市伝説シリーズ
Rating 7.33
Status: Completed Studio: Released: Jan 22, 2016 Duration: 19 min. per ep. Season: Country: Type: OVA Episodes: 6 Censor: Censored Director: Casts: , , , , , , ,
Urban legends told throughout Japan are meant to frighten the population, mainly those of school age, through stories involving abnormal entities or supernatural occurrences. But what happens when this folklore turns into pleasurable encounters with paranormal ladies? The stories of Hanako Hasegawa, a trapped girl with a tragic past; Sadako, a woman who can only appear virtually; Hachishaku-sama, a god who has been forgotten; and Mary, a thrown away doll, join together in a truly climactic narrative.

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