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サキュバスアプリ ~学園催○~ 第2話[溝口ぜらちん] / Sakubus App ~ Gakuen Event ○ ~ Episode 2 [Mizoguchi Zerachin]

“Sakurano Akizuki,” the chairman of the discipline, was stuck in her mind about the relationship between Yuma and Lina that she saw on her rooftop.
It is an impure heterosexual act itself.

Yuma, who was questioned in Akizuki in the disciplinary committee room and fell into a predicament, used “Hypnos” to release her event ○ word to “Chairman of the Sex Processing Department” dedicated to Yuma Oda.
Akizuki became captivated in an instant, and while she was puzzled by the male genitals she saw for the first time, her original appearance to fulfill her responsibilities! ?? To achieve her transformation.

Succubus Appli: Gakuen Sai*, サキュバスアプリ ~学園催○~, Succubus Appli: Gakuen Saimin, サキュバスアプリ ~学園催眠~



風紀委員長「秋月桜乃」は、 屋上で見たユーマとリナの関係が頭から離れないでいた。

風紀委員会室で秋月に問い詰められ窮地に陥ったユーマは、「ヒプノス」を使い織田ユーマ専用の「性処理部委員長」に するべく催○ワードを放った。
秋月は一瞬にして虜になり、初めて見る男性器に戸惑いながらも 責務を全うすべく本来の姿!?に変貌を遂げる。

尿道を絶妙な舌技で弄り、男性器を喉奥まで頬張り、処女膜を捧げ、 遂には特別指導として尻穴までも献上してしまう。



Succubus Appli: Gakuen Sai*

サキュバスアプリ ~学園催○~
Rating 0.0
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2021 Duration: 30 min. Country: Type: OVA Censor: Censored Director:
Ordinary highschool boy Oda Yuma receives a smartphone app called "Hypnos" from a lustful succubus girl. The app can hypnotize women in an erotic way, and as soon as he gets it, Oda tries the app on his sassy gyaru classmate Fujimiya and the head of the school's disciplinary committee, Akizuki Sakuranoi, turning them both into obedient sex slaves! Succubus Appli: Gakuen Sai*, サキュバスアプリ ~学園催○~, Succubus Appli: Gakuen Saimin, サキュバスアプリ ~学園催眠~

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