Sakuramiya Shimai no Netorare Kiroku, Episode 01 Raw

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桜宮姉妹のネトラレ記録 1~yurisis~[史鬼匠人]

Saya Sakuramiya and Hinata are Yuri sisters of mutual love.
The two who became sisters due to their parents’ remarriage had become more than a family.
However, Tachikawa of the photography club sniffed the secret and blackmailed the sisters in quick succession.
A lot of bad things that two people take advantage of while knowing that they are hiding each other.
First, her younger sister Hinata is defeated, her sexual activity is photographed, and finally she penetrates her hymen.
Saya, worried about her sister’s actions, decides to board her photography club.
In the end, both of them are danced in the palm of Tachikawa, deprived of their freedom, holding their genitals, and transforming into a cloudy appearance.
Days of humiliation that continue to be violated! !!
I regret why this happened, but since then their demands have escalated, and before I knew it, they kept getting fucked, filmed, and exposed naked everywhere.

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Sakuramiya Shimai no Netorare Kiroku

Rating 5.71
Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2019 Duration: 19 min. per ep. Season: Country: Type: OVA Episodes: 2 Censor: Censored Director: Casts: ,
The OVA version of "Takuto Shiki's original" Takuto Shiki's Netorare Record "(TI Net)! My beloved sister is being ○○ by men in front of me !! But why am I so excited !? How many people did you deal with after all? Two holes in one night, it's completely loose !!

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Sakuramiya Shimai no Netorare Kiroku, Episode 01 English Subbed

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