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Space Pirate Sara Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

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Uchuu Kaizoku Sara (Space Pirate Sara), a hentai Futanari, Lolicon, Humiliation and Tentacle, just turned 10 years old today in Japan.


The hentai is based on the eroge Uchuu Kaizoku Sara (宇宙海賊サラ), a game developed by Lilith Soft’s Black Lilith label, which was released on August 24, 2007.

Space Pirate Sara Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

The animated series of Space Pirate Sara, produced by Pixy and Anime Antenna Group, made its debut on April 26, 2008 with its first episode.  The hentai concluded on February 20, 2010, having animated a total of four episodes.

On November 26, 2010, Pixy released a pack with all four episodes. Along with all of its OVAs, the pack had a bonus episode included.


Space Pirate Sara Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

In a distant galaxy, the Gielen Twins obtain the Bernstein Sword, giving them the right to the Imperial Throne, but Princess Sara Bernstein swears revenge and to reclaim the sword. A decade later, Sara and the knight Hans Buro lead Scorpion Heidan, a team of space pirates searching for the sword. After delivering the knight Sylia to the Duke of Blankenheim for information, they discover that only someone of Bernstein blood can wield the sword. But they fall into a trap set by the Gielen Twins and the Duke, who are eager to torment them.


Space Pirate Sara Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

The hentai was widely accepted in Japan, largely due to the good reputation of Pixy and the animation studio Anime Antenna Iinkai in the hentai industry. It is unfortunate that after 15 years, both have declined.

Overseas, Space Pirate Sara also had a good popularity due to its Futanari, Orgy and Lolicon filled sex scenes.

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