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Kimi wa Yasashiku Netorarareru 04 Unveils Trailer

Harem Cult Unveils Images and Trailer for Its Final Episode

Good night guys! I bring you two exciting news. Pink Pineapple has released two trailers for their upcoming releases. First, let me tell you about fourth and final episode of Kimi wa Yasashiku Netorarareru The Animation.

Although we didn’t get to see the girlfriend’s tragic revelation, I must say that the trailer was pretty good.

Don’t forget that its last OVA will be released on June 30.

Oh, by the way, there are rumors that the series might have a sequel in the future. The original author has already confirmed that he plans to make a sequel doujinshi about Momota, the nerdy girl who reads books! If this new story is a success, it could be animated next year.


Kimi wa Yasashiku Netorarareru 04 Unveils Trailer

Haruta and Rio passed their college entrance exam, which starts a new life together, or so Haruta had planned.

Because they are now college students, Haruta can no longer date Rio, but at least the two boyfriends have virtual dates.

A rumor circulates in school that there is a video of Rio having sex on a certain website. After that, more sex videos of her would be uploaded to that site.

Rio, who at first didn’t want to do it, can’t take it anymore and confesses to her boyfriend Haruta that she is the one in the porn videos.

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The Mind Break lovers will surely enjoy the upcoming film, ROOKIE studio is going to release an adaptation of Kouin doujinshi! RKI-653 口姻 催●アプリで憧れの人妻を寝取って、コスプレ少女と中出しSEX、幼馴染みをフェラ奴●にしてやった。 佐藤ののか 皆月ひかる 紺野みいな, is a adult…


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