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Anya Forger from Popular Spy X Family Anime Stars in Controversial Adult Movie

Hi guys, today we’re going to talk about a controversial news. Daydream Fantasy Lovers studio is about to release an adult movie with a very particular theme. This time, the protagonist will be a girl who will dress up as Anya Forger and will have sex with five guys.

Anya Forger from Popular Spy X Family Anime Stars in Controversial Adult Movie

The film will be titled FAZM-005 全員中出し5P乱交SEX コス○リ行列レイヤー様の小さなワレメがイキすぎぶっ壊れて失禁オシッコ止まらない喉凹イラマetc【ハードコア調教全部試してみました】他、童貞喪失3本組スペシャル164分 and will have a duration of 164 minutes. Its release date is scheduled for June 27.

It is worth mentioning that in January of this year, Daydream Fantasy Lovers released FAZM-003, a porn movie with a similar theme. In this movie, the protagonist was Yor Forger and she also had sex with same five guys.

In addition, it is important to note that FAZM series is known for using otaku actors, both experienced and novice, who often consume large amounts of alcohol before filming the scenes. It is important not to confuse this series with TNOZ and TPNS, which are also adult movies, but these use anonymous people with perverted tendencies and problems. The only difference between TNOZ and TPNS is the gender of actors, TNOZ uses female cosplayers and TPNS uses transgender actors.

The reason why this movie may become controversial is because it adapts an underage character drinking alcohol and having sex. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Anya Forger from Popular Spy X Family Anime Stars in Controversial Adult Movie

Spy x Family is a manga written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo that began serializing in Shonen Jump+ in March 2019. The story follows secret agent “Twilight“, who adopts a girl with psychic powers and marries an assassin as part of a mission to keep the peace between two fictional countries. The series has become very popular and has been adapted into an anime produced by Wit Studio and CloverWorks. The first season was split into two parts and aired in 2022.

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The second adaptation announced by MOODYZ today is the porn movie Danna no Chinko ja, Kanjinai…?  The film is titled MIMK-125 理性崩壊焦らされ発狂性欲覚醒オーガズム!6万部超え禁欲マンガを実写化! 旦那のち×こじゃ、感じない…? 末広純, will be 2 hours long…


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