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Junjou Decamelon to Release Second OVA Soon

The Ninja R*pe Legend – Ajisai to Get an Animated Adaptation

The next release announced today is Junjou Decamelon’s second OVA, that hentai about a mega busty schoolgirl that will be released in September!

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait to see it, as this second episode is set to be released on October 13.


Junjou Decamelon to Release Second OVA Soon

For Seiya and Momota to have a healthy relationship, President Rose arranges for them to work at the school library. however, they continue to practice exhibitionist sex. As her plan did not work, Rose punishes Momota by forcing her to be a drawing model for some students. Due to Momota’s erotic modeling, Rose can’t help but get horny on and joins the group.

After the sexual incident where they modeled, Rose awakened a fetish for anal sex. One afternoon, when she was masturbating her ass in the library, she is discovered by Inuta, a classmate who confesses his feelings to her. Rose gets carried away by the moment and the two have sex right there, unaware that Momota and Seiya are doing the same thing across the room.

The students went on a school trip to the coast. The group had planned to stargaze together, but no one had arrived yet. As they were alone, Seiya tells Momota that she can take off her clothes, a proposal she accepts and gets completely naked. As she ran so happily along the shore, Seiya realizes how much he loves her.

If you’re not familiar with this hentai, I recommend that you check out this news article: Junjou Decamelon Manga to Get an Animated Version.

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