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Garden The Animation Celebrates Its 10th anniversary

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Garden The Animation, a hentai Lolicon, Rape and Incest, just turned 10 years old today in Japan.


The hentai is based on the erotic manga series Garden I and Garden II (ガーデン I and ガーデン II) by renowned artist Midori no Rupe. The Garden manga series started its serialization on June 28, 2012 in Comic Tenma magazine.

Garden The Animation Celebrates Its 10th anniversary

The Garden animated series, produced by the Pink Pineapple label and animated by Office Takeout, made its debut on April 26, 2013, with its first episode. The hentai concluded on July 26 of the same year with its second animated episode.


Garden The Animation Celebrates Its 10th anniversary

Koutaro is a high school student who becomes the sex friend of Hitsuji, a beautiful girl he met online.

As time goes by, the protagonist does not realize that his loved ones are slowly being corrupted by “the garden”, a place created by Hitsuji’s father for anyone to unleash their perverse passions.


Garden The Animation Celebrates Its 10th anniversary

Garden The Animation had average sales in Japan and did not reach the highest positions among the best-selling hentai of its year. It also did not perform well outside of its home country.

Although its animation still looks great in 2023, its story did not connect with the audience and it is almost forgotten nowadays. However, there is a niche audience that still remembers this hentai.


Garden The Animation Celebrates Its 10th anniversary

De este solo encontré las siguientes curiosidades:

  1. Garden The Animation was the first animated hentai by Midori no Rupe. Later, it would be followed by the animated adaptations of Imako System and SWAMP STAMP.
  2. Unlike the desolate ending of its animated version, Garden II ends with Hitsuji’s redemption for everything she did in the story.
  3. The final chapter of the Garden II manga was released on August 12, 2013, two weeks after the anime series ended. For this reason, their endings are so different.
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