An all-you-can-eat new semester The Motion Anime

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Spring when cherry blossoms are in full bloom.
At the entrance ceremony of the new school, Shinya falls in love with Sumire, a busty girl who is in the same class.

Sumire doesn’t stand out, but she’s transparent and her face is very cute.
And above all, she has big breasts that can be seen even from the top of her uniform.
The main character decided to talk to Sumire-chan about her intentions,
I couldn’t stand her reaction being too weak, and then I stopped talking to Sumire for a while …
Shinya decides to go out with a girl in her class (a bright type opposite to Sumire) while worrying about Sumire, but her first sex is too caring for her and it is a good memory did not become. She thought sex was more pleasant … She even wondered if she didn’t have to.

Around that time, she decided to do a day shift with Sumire-chan, and after school she was alone in the library.
She hasn’t talked to her since then, and although it’s an awkward atmosphere, Sumire-chan spills the water she’s drinking and gets her uniform wet.
She was the protagonist who wiped it off, but she found herself too defenseless …
She wants to make fun of Sumire-chan, who is so unresponsive, she touches her breasts lightly but doesn’t resist at all.
Eh, why don’t you wonder anything about this child?
How about this …! ??

The girl I fell in love with at first sight was a completely defenseless and non-resisting angelic girl! !!
Her sex with her wasn’t good, but Yal sex feels great like her own spear with her Sumire! !! !! !!

The protagonist who occupies her taste is all-you-can-eat to Sumire-chan no matter where she is!

The hero who originally liked Sumire-chan. The new semester has begun, where I can occupy Sumire-chan and feel happy.

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An all-you-can-eat new semester The Motion Anime

同じクラスになった無防備・無抵抗巨乳美少女すみれちゃんにヤリたい放題な新学期 The Motion Anime
Rating 6.46
Status: Completed Studio: Released: May 20, 2022 Duration: 27:48 Season: Country: Type: Movie Episodes: 1 Censor: Censored Director:
The original CG collection of the circle "Adult Teikoku" "A new semester where you can do whatever you want with the defenseless and non-resisting busty beautiful girl Sumire who is in the same class" has been made into a motion animation! !! Practicality is increased by 150% by making it into motion animation! It moves sensually! !!

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