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Winter 2018

Do S na Seitokaichou-sama ga M Note ni Shihai Saremashita.

4 episodes · OVA Completed Do S na Maina Kaichou-sama ga M Note ni Shihai Saremashita, ドSなマイナ会長サマがMノートに支配されました。

Student Council President Maina is a biracial, blond beauty who has a problem. There’s a guy with a lecherous gaze who goes to her school.
“Hi! I see you’re raping my body yet again with your filthy eyes!”
He’s your basic, average boy, and he only cares about himself. He seems unassuming at first, but a fire burns in his loins. He also has a rich fantasy life.
Maina tries to put Souta in his place with various punishments, but this only fans the flames of his lust.
Then one day Souta finds a mysterious notebook, the M Note, that holds the power to make his fantasies a reality.

Furifure 2

PoRO, Tente Moten
4 episodes · OVA Completed フリフレ2

When her mother passes away suddenly, Shinozaki Sumire finds herself alone and without a means to support herself. Out of desperation she turns to the message board Free Friends to earn some money. She develops a relationship with her first partner, Kaito, without realizing that they’re much more than strangers…
His troubles trace back to a deeply seated complex: a hollow, yearning feeling brought on by the thought and sight of violets. Violets, or “Sumire”, remind him of the sister he’d been separated from during their childhood when their parents had divorced. Only by losing himself in a woman’s body can he rid himself of those clinging, nostalgic feelings.
Right before the school year begins, the mere reminder of the academy’s famed violet flowerbeds (despite them not even being in bloom at the time) is enough to drive Kaito to Free Friends. A seemingly routine exchange leaves him completely unprepared for the girl waiting for him: an absolutely stunning beauty by the pseudonym of “Sumi”.
A few days later, he discovers that “Sumi” is not only a student at the exact same school he teaches at, but that her classmates call her “Sumire”. Incredulous, Kaito checks the school rosters. Surely it’s not the same Sumire he knows; surely it’s just another girl with the same given name? But as if setting him up for the universe’s biggest punchline, the only Sumire at the school is none other than his very own Shinozaki Sumire, the sister his mother had taken away from him. Kaito’s dreams of one day reuniting with his sister have in fact already been realized… just not in a way that he ever could have imagined.

Furifure 2, フリフレ2, Free Friends 2, 프리프레 2, 후리후레2

Kimi Omou Koi

New Generation
2 episodes · OVA Completed I Think of You, 君想ふ恋

Hentai filmed on original manga ” Kimi Omofu Koh-I think of you.”authored by Gintsuki. The manga consists of several separate stories in one way or another related to sex with young and beautiful boys and girls. While it is not known exactly what part will be filmed. Below is a description of the beginning of the first Chapter of the manga.

The main character of hentai is a young sexy girl, she is also the captain of the women’s team in Kendo. The heroine loves to wear different types of kimono and engage in depraved sex. After a long grueling training her body gets very tired and she always asks her cute “brother” to massage her shoulders and back. However, sometimes she is so much excited that a simple massage is not enough for her and she asks the “bro” to properly pomatsat her huge heavy Tits and he does not dare to refuse her…

Nanatsu no Bitoku

10 episodes · TV Completed The Seven Heavenly Virtues, 七つの美徳

Set in the same timeline as Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai, Nanatsu no Bitoku follows a group of angels sent from Heaven to look for a potential “Savior” to counter-attack the demonic influence being spread by Lucifer and the other emissaries of Hell.

Nanatsu no Bitoku, The Seven Heavenly Virtues, 七つの美徳, 七美德, 일곱개의 미덕, Семь небесных добродетелей

Natural Vacation The Animation

1 episodes · OVA Completed なちゅらるばけーしょん The Animation

Kairi stepped out of the air-conditioned bus and had to squint his eyes from the blinding sunlight and summer heat. When he slowly opened his eyes, he saw the sparkling azure ocean in front of him, with the clouds adding pockets of white to the sea of blue, and he smelled the faint scent of the ocean brought in by the gentle breeze. He moved here from the city to live with his grandfather after his parents went abroad for work. The kind townspeople welcomed him to their town, including two girls Haruka and Yuzuki.

Would you like to spend a wonderful summer break together with them in this town?

Real Eroge Situation! The Animation

Pink Pineapple, Seven
2 episodes · OVA Completed リアルエロゲシチュエーション! THE ANIMATION

Nagato is a simple student who all of a sudden finds himself in deep when the most popular girl in class, his childhood friend, and an old unrequited love all confess to him at the same time! His eroge-filled youth is about to begin!

Real Eroge Situation! The Animation, リアルエロゲシチュエーション! THE ANIMATION, Real Erogame Situation!, 리얼 에로게임 시추에이션!

Rune’s Pharmacy: Tiara-tou no Okusuriya-san

4 episodes · ONA Completed Rune'sPharmacy: The Pharmacist of Tiara Isle, Rune'sPharmacy ~ティアラ島のお薬屋さん

The first animated version of the popular circle PICO PICOSOFT’s RPG game “Rune’s Pharmacy-Tiara Island’s drugstore”!

Rene, a pharmacist apprentice who lost his father and mother.
He is about to be raped by an orc when he is looking for a Yugdra flower in the grass, but is saved by Sharban who appears there.
Sharban shows his father’s debt to Rene and urges him to return the money …

Soredemo Tsuma wo Aishiteru 2

2 episodes · OVA Completed それでも妻を愛してる2

Leaving her husband, Yuutou, for her job, teacher Marika is forced to have sex with her student, Yuuki. Her composure still all over the place, the next day she is called out to by the superintendent of the building, Torao. Using a picture of them kissing as blackmail, Torao has fun with Marika’s body for an entire day. Seeing that Marika took off work without notifying anyone, Yuuki worries about her and goes to her place, only to find the two of them fucking. Marika’s husband, Yuutou, starting to get suspicious of his wife, is invited by his peer only to find…

Soredemo Tsuma wo Aishiteru 2, それでも妻を愛してる2, それでも妻を愛してる2 -女教師妻・茉莉花の場合-, 그래도 아내를 사랑하고 있다2

Venus Blood: Brave

4 episodes · OVA Completed ヴィーナスブラッド-ブレイヴ-

Once a powerful knight, she has fallen now to be but a plaything of lustful men and demons alike.

Venus Blood -BRAVE-, Venus Blood: Brave, ヴィーナスブラッド -ブレイヴ-, 勇者産卵触手RPG ヴィーナスブラッド-ブレイヴ-, 비너스 블러드: 브레이브

Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e

4 episodes · OVA Completed Welcome! To The Forest of Lewd Elves, OVAようこそ!スケベエルフの森へ

Alfheim, a world of elves where women only exist. The world Shrine, the source of all the elves' magical power, has started to fade and the race was in danger of extinction. Then there is a prophecy that a man from another world is destined to be the savior of the elven race. And it was not too long the hero is now brought to the world of Elves…

The elves ruled they must survive by child-making with the hero. But many of the other elves refused this vulgar decision and so the elves divided into groups: Those who disdain child-making with a man and those who choose to accept the fact. But those who accepted have discovered something: It turns out if they have sex with the hero and acquire semen into their bodies, their magic powers increases. So they proceed to milk him dry…

Zoku Tsuma Netori: Ikumi to Shizuka

Teatro Nishi Tokyo Studio
1 episodes · OVA Completed 妻ネトリ 郁美と静香

Based on the visual novel “Saya Natori ~Onna kyoushi no Choukyou Nikki~” from the Studio Black Lilith, which was released in 2013. Zoku Tsuma Netori: Ikumi to Shizuka is a direct continuation of the previous work of the Studio ZIZ “Tsuma Netori: Ryoujoku Rinne / Steal his wife ~diary of torture teacher~” and tells the story of the new depraved adventures of unbearable teacher and her sexual student.