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Spring 2022

3-byougo, Yajuu. Goukon de Sumi ni Ita Kare wa Midara Nikushoku deshita

Staple Entertainment, Suiseisha
? episodes · ONA Upcoming 3秒後、野獣。~合コンで隅にいた彼は肉食でした

“The one with herbivorous skin is the most dangerous,
Like me? ”

Yuzu, a college student, participates in a joint party in search of a herbivorous boy.
So she is attracted to her by the fact that she has a melancholy look.
She even she, she thought she was a herbivorous boy and she was alert …
Suddenly, she needs to rob her unprotected Tsumugi’s lips.
He had a different male face than he had three seconds ago …

[Cool urban boys x straight country girls]
The strongest Kyun Love starts

Abandon: 100 Nuki Shinai to Derarenai Fushigi na Kyoushitsu

Mary Jane
? episodes · OVA Upcoming Abandon -100ヌキしないと出られない不思議な教室-

Gli studenti si ritrovano intrappolati nello spazio chiuso della loro scuola con una misteriosa creatura chiamata “Ruler” e costretti a partecipare a un gioco sessuale cupo per volontà di forze misteriose.
Nella storia c’è un elemento battle royale, in cui i giocatori usano i loro “poteri di gioco” per costringersi a cum l’un l’altro, per esempio, si trasformano in un demone, rilasciando tentacoli depravati o applicando Futanari tortura.
Il presentatore del gioco è un “sovrano” che guarda le belle ragazze mentre si portano all’orgasmo in giochi umilianti usando tecniche e modifiche del corpo depravate.

Abandon -100ヌキしないと出られない不思議な教室-, Abandon: 100 Nuki Shinai to Derarenai Fushigi na Kyoushitsu, Abandon -100 A mysterious classroom that you can’t get out without nuki-

Black Gal Maid’s Pacohame Service – Option is Cosplay Etch Motion Comic Version

1 episodes · Movie Completed 黒ギャルメイドのパコハメご奉仕~オプションはコスプレエッチで~ モーションコミック版

A popular CG collection of the circle “Atelier Curlicue” is now available in motion comics with voice and movement!
Character voices, sound effects, and BGM will bring you a more practical feeling.
Please enjoy Fuka-chan, a plump black gal bitch, with motion comics.

Bungaku Shoujo Suzune no Daigaku Seikatsu The Motion Anime

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1 episodes · Movie Completed 文学少女 鈴音の大学性活 The Motion Anime

The original CG collection of the circle “Unian” “Literature Girl Suzune’s University Sexual Activity” has been made into a motion animation! !!
Practicality is increased by 150% by making it into a motion animation! It moves sensually! !!

Kitamoto decided to move to Tokyo because of her broken heart,
She was still dragging her unrequited love when she was in school.
Like her favorite shadow of her senior, her fashion and socializing
Kitamoto made an effort, but … He was in his second year of college and was exhausted from such an environment.
It should be called a literary girl that you always see in the library.
He was fascinated by Suzune Honjo.
I was fascinated by the appearance of reading a book quietly alone.
And every time Suzune walked … she had big breasts so much that she shook.
Suzune has even appeared in her dreams … for the first time in a few years, she has even made her dream.
One day, when Kitamoto, who was curious about the book she was reading, looked into it.
What book Suzune was reading was a hair catalog?
“Ah? Nothing! This is different!”
“Pu — hahaha !! If you think about what you are reading seriously, that’s it !?”
Two people who get awkward. Kitamoto suffers
“I think this suits Mr. Honjo,” she said.
The day after that happened, she went to the library to look for materials for the report.
There was a figure of Suzune Honjo who had her hair cut.
“Hey, it was Mr. Honjo. I didn’t notice.”
“Yeah. I cut my hair …”
Then the college life of the two began.

Chiisana Ooya-san to Maniac Ecchi Motion Comic Version

1 episodes · Movie Completed 小さな大家さんとマニアックエッチ モーションコミック版

A popular CG collection of the circle “Kuma Nico Tech” is now available in motion comics with voice and movement!
Character voices, sound effects, and BGM will bring you a more practical feeling.
Please enjoy the flesh-filled quail with motion comics.

Chris Survival -The Motion Anime-

1 episodes · Movie Completed Chris Survival -The Motion Anime-

The PC game “Chris Survival” from the doujin circle “Poizun” has been made into a motion animation! !!

A huge hurricane that suddenly appeared on the high seas of the Pacific Ocean in 20XX.
The investigation suggested the existence of an island in the center of the hurricane.
Then, a country with high military power finally decided to send troops to obtain sovereignty over the island.
The army of the investigation was led by a young female soldier “Chris” …

Chris Survival -The Motion Anime-

Demon King Iris’s Counterattack -The Motion Anime

1 episodes · Movie Completed 魔王イリスの逆襲 -The Motion Anime-

The PC game “Demon King Iris’s Counterattack” from the doujin circle “Diesel Mine” has been made into a motion animation! !!

Beautiful girl Demon King is on an adventure to defeat a brave man! ??
The pride is the same as when he was the Demon King.
But because it’s weakened, I’ll be raped soon.

Can the weakened beautiful girl Demon King protect her virginity from monsters and humans? ??
The Demon King is in trouble with money and prostitutes! ??
There is also a devilish work that makes a princess a prostitute like a demon king!

Game no Turn Machi Shitetara Sono Mama Nechatta Ko ni… The Motion Anime

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1 episodes · Movie Completed ゲームのターン待ちしてたらそのまま寝ちゃった子に… The Motion Anime

Haruna, a girl in the neighborhood who always comes to play games
Fill her with sleeping pills and do whatever you want to do with her sleeping.

Harem Cult

Queen Bee
2 episodes · OVA Ongoing ハーレム・カルト

The OVA version of “Harlem Cult” (Core Magazine) based on “Yoshiyuki Uba” !!
Poison and malice called sex.
The resistance forces fight against the small villain who is prevailing in the school and the student organization who divides the place.
In this world, everyone has a back face.

Inkou Kyoushi no Saimin Seikatsu Shidouroku

2 episodes · OVA Ongoing 淫行教師の催○セイ活指導録

Antechinus studio has announced its intention to animate hentai about mind control. This is the anime version of the doujinshi “Inkou Kyoushi No Saimin Seikatsu Shidouroku doujin”, which is divided into three arches, at the moment it is announced about the animation of two of them.

The story tells about a certain teacher who has a kind of analogue of a Death Notebook, but this notebook is not used to kill people, but only to force them to do perverted things. The way it works is simple: the owner must write down the orders in a notebook, and the person to whom the orders are addressed must read them directly from the notebook in order for them to work. So the main character, as usual, an ordinary teacher, enters into several sexual relations with female students on campus. And the first ones he will come across as victims are Megumi Fujinomiya, the school idol of all men, who recently started dating the leader of the baseball club and Yaya Tachibana, the heiress of the master of tea ceremonies in Kyoto, a sweet girl in a kimono, with elegant manners, elegant Kyoto dialect, and a still growing, but already quite decent ass, exciting all the men around.

Isekai Yarisaa

2 episodes · OVA Upcoming 異世界ヤリサー

Over 60,000 sales! Completely animated the popular coterie of the monumental circle “Rokumaruso” reincarnated in another world!

“Maybe this is … a reincarnation in another world?”
A super carnivorous and stupid college student Yarisa group who has eaten many girls at university.
For some reason, I stood on a strange land in another world-
A bullish female warrior is rolled up with a strengthened penis w
I’ll have an elf virgin before my boyfriend!
Yarisa who is full of sexual desire deceives a beautiful woman in another world and falls asleep and spree!
An unprecedented reincarnation in another world begins now!

Kaede to Suzu The Animation

Studio 1st
? episodes · OVA Upcoming 楓と鈴 THE ANIMATION

Pink pineapple Studio has announced the release of the hentai anime “Kaede to Suzi The Animation” based on the manga of the same name by Kyockcho. The release is scheduled for the end of March 2022.
Hentai tells about the sex adventures of the secretary at the student council Hayato and two twin sisters Kaede and Suzu.
“My sister Suzu is not a talkative person, so many people consider her to be “the most innocent.” Oh, how wrong they are. One day she lured me into one of her crazy traps, and then Hayato-kun abused me. And then she made me wear adult toys when I was a maid at a school festival… As her older sister, I have an obligation to put an end to her stupid antics!”

楓と鈴 THE ANIMATION, Kaede to Suzu The Animation, Kaede and Suzu THE ANIMATION

Mama No Imouto No Doutei Kyouiku ~Hikikomotta Boku Wa Gaishutsu Sezu Ni Nakadashi Suru~ PLAY MOVIE

1 episodes · Movie Completed ママの妹の童貞教育 ~ひきこもった僕は外出せずに中出しする~ PLAY MOVIE

I became a hikikomori one day.
Thankfully, my parents don’t say too much.
“Kota-kun. I’ve got dinner.”
The main voice is-not the mother. Her mother’s younger sister, Miki Mitarai.
Now, her aunt rushed in under the guise of taking care of me because my parents are on a long trip.
Of course, my aunt doesn’t come as I like. Her mother probably called her aunt.
(After all … it’s beautiful … it’s sexy …)
While I was alone with this beautiful aunt, I couldn’t stand my desires.
Indulge in masturbating … but find it.
“Oh … it smells … it’s full of chestnut flower scent.”
And the beautiful woman in her late twenties made a meaningful grin …

Monono girlfriend-Yin-Yang, can I fall in love? ~

1 episodes · Movie Completed モノノ系彼女~陰キャですが、恋しても良いですか?~

Yutaro Tamba is an ordinary student who attends night school at night and is just a little occult lover. The day of the summer closing ceremony that Yutaro greeted. Suddenly, his childhood friend invites him to the school building at night. …… This was the beginning of everything. With that night as a trigger, a “dense erotic” “night sex class” with “chastity and yin yang beautiful girls” that is faintly extended to Yutaro’s daily life has begun! !!

My sister-in-law and my summer vacation

1 episodes · Movie Completed 義妹とぼくの夏休み~田舎暮らしの性に無頓着な義妹とヤりまくりの日々~ モーションコミック版

A popular CG collection of the circle “Blossom Eight” is now available in motion comics with voice and movement!
Character voices, sound effects, and BGM will bring you a more practical feeling.
Please enjoy the naughty body sister-in-law “Kaho” in motion comics.

Namaiki na Imouto o Oya ni Kawatte Shitsuke Shite Yatta! The Motion Anime

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1 episodes · Movie Completed 生意気な妹を親に代わって躾け(催淫)してやった! The Motion Anime

The main character of hentai Minoru Asakura where he downloaded a super exciting aphrodisiac app that only works on virgins. Of course, the hero decided not to look for a victim for a long time, and use it on his cheeky little sister Mickey. The effect was instant and incredibly strong. Miki just melted in front of her eyes and gave herself up to her brother’s wanton paws…

Okozukai o Nedaru Namaiki Meikko ni Kyokon de Yarikaeshita Hanashi with Mei no Tomodachi Motion Comic Version

1 episodes · Movie Completed おこづかいをねだるなまいき姪っ子に巨根でやり返した話with姪の友達 モーションコミック版

Circle “I like beautiful older sisters” CG collection is now a motion comic!
A popular CG collection of the circle “I like beautiful older sisters” is now available in motion comics with voice and movement!
Character voices, sound effects, and BGM will bring you a more practical feeling.

A cute, erotic and cheeky niece and an unequaled man are crazy about SEX.
Please enjoy the motion comic version that has become more naughty with all character voice recordings.

Ore-sama wa “Watashi” ni nanka Naranaishi. ~Aku no Soshiki ga Chijoku Zenkai Lesson~ by torisan The Motion Anime

1 episodes · Movie Ongoing 女体化ヒーロー取り締まり!オレ様は「私」になんかならないし。~悪の組織が恥辱全開レッスン~ The Motion Anime

“Appetite” PC game “Female hero crackdown! I can’t be” I “. ~ Evil organization is shameful full-blown lesson ~ “is made into a motion animation! !!
The TS transformation heroine is trained as a female in body and mind little by little by the pleasure training of the enemy.

Solara fights against evil organizations every day!
But its true identity is only when it transforms
Burning in justice that makes you a beautiful girl ●●’Mikawa Aozora’!

One day, Solara is caught in an enemy trap.
There, she loses her virginity … and even if her transformation is unraveled, she cannot return to a man and despairs.

However, her enemy cadres want to give in to a manly personality that doesn’t suit her pretty appearance.
She decides to do a brainwashing training to make Solara an obedient female …

How is the fate of Solara!

Otaku ni Yasashii Gal toka, Kyonyuu no Osananajimi toka.

2 episodes · OVA Upcoming オタクに優しいギャルとか、巨乳の幼なじみとか。

Fumihiko’s original “Gal who is kind to nerds, childhood friend of big breasts.” (Core Magazine) The first OVA!
For the first time, a black gal encounters something she is interested in and becomes captivated.
When your favorite Ji-ko appears, you will be in heat all at once in love! Never let go!
* This work uses in-motion technology to create a world view that can only be experienced in comics.

Pichipichi Chakui Seiheki ~Koushinchou de Pita-cos Chakui Fetish no Onaidoshi~ The Motion Anime

1 episodes · Movie Completed ピチピチ着衣性癖 ~高身長でピタコス着衣フェチの同い年~ The Motion Anime

“… Since I was a kid, I’ve loved being squeezed all over my body … I’m excited when I’m in close contact with him …”
She moistened her eyes with her breathless and excited appearance — staring at me.
She is “Kaede Kiryu”. She is a colleague of her part-time job and is the same age.
If you notice it, you’ll get along well … it’s like this now.
I like to sweat and get squeezed like this.
She can clearly see her metamorphosis — “genuine”.
In her recollection, when she first talked to her, she felt strangely attracted.
But even without it, she would have instinctively noticed her metamorphosis from the beginning.
For this person, she might accept her … my habits and desires.

ピチピチ着衣性癖 ~高身長でピタコス着衣フェチの同い年~ The Motion Anime, Pichipichi Chakui Seiheki ~Koushinchou de Pita-cos Chakui Fetish no Onaidoshi~ The Motion Anime

Seisona Kyonyū JK o Tasuketara Orei ni Sukinadake Namahame-chū Dashi Sasete Motion Comic Version

1 episodes · Movie Completed 清楚な巨乳JKを助けたらお礼に好きなだけ生ハメ中出しさせてくれる淫乱娘でした モーションコミック版

A popular CG collection of the circle “Credo Sophia” is now available in motion comics with voice and movement!
Character voices, sound effects, and BGM will bring you a more practical feeling.
Please enjoy the all-you-can-eat daily life with a neat and nasty ●● with motion comics.

Sexless – Jimi Zuma ga Furin ni Hashitta Riyuu The Motion Anime

1 episodes · Movie Completed セックスレス 地味妻が不倫に走った理由 The Motion Anime

Studio World has released another hentai motion comics adaptation “Studio Sexless – Jimi Zuma ga Furin ni Hashitta Riyu The Motion Anime” based on the visual novel of the same name from Atelier Sakura studio in 2022.

The husband of the main character is very tired at work and does not pay attention to his wife. A woman meets her ex-boyfriend at a reunion and her feelings are rekindled. They begin to communicate and the woman still cheats on her husband. Just at this time, the husband has a long-awaited vacation and he decides to mend relations with his offended wife and finally have a child. However, the planned trip to Thailand becomes fatal for a married couple, because the ex-boyfriend of the main character also went on a trip with them…

Yamitsuki Mura: Melty Limit The Animation

2 episodes · OVA Ongoing 闇憑村/めるてぃーりみっと The Animation

The long-awaited OVA of the explosive erotic Japanese-style Chuanqi “Yamitsukimura” from the popular book “Melty Limit” based on the lustful Meister “Arupu”!

Strange rumors were spreading in the village that “a man should not visit alone”.
A scholar who majors in folklore is wary of visiting the village to find out the truth.
At that time, I was helped by the village girl Shizuka and decided to stay overnight.
The night of a carnivorous big breasts village girl ○, the shrine maiden’s “purification”, the true identity of a lewd mystery, how?