Spring 2020

Ane wa Yanmama Junyuu-chuu

2 episodes · OVA Completed 義姉はヤンママ授乳中

This story about a married woman, as is usual in such stories sexually unsatisfied in married life, and decided to make up for lost time with her brother, who came to stay with her husband and children. What started as a harmless joke on a drunken bench, will grow into a constant frenzied sex always and everywhere, at any convenient opportunity.

Chiisana Tsubomi no Sono Oku ni…

? episodes · OVA Ongoing 小さな蕾のその奥に......

A beautiful young girl, small and innocent, hiding behind her single mother. She is a career women with no boyfriend and a straight-forward outlook on life. They have a neighbor who is quite…obvious with his sexual escapades.. She asks him to stop having such loud and obnoxious sex but can’t help herself from finding out how good he is for herself..


Queen Bee
2 episodes · OVA Completed The Crucifixion, 磔(ハリツケ)

Miho Saegusa, the beautiful daughter of a tea ceremony master, is currently teaching at a prestigious school. Miho, who is well respected by the students, gets engaged to Okazaki, the son of a school board member and a colleague.

One of her students, Michiru Tayama, who knows about it, schemes to humiliate Miho because she was suspended from school for having a sexual relationship with her boyfriend. Michiru sets up Miho’s fiancé Okazaki and takes advantage of Miho by blackmailing her.

The female teacher who is bewildered by the clumsy and unacceptable conditions, has no choice but to comply.

Miho’s true nature is exposed under the reality of her lewdness and madness…


2 episodes · OVA Completed 淫毛

After being childhood friends for many years, she sees more in him than just a friend. She wants a more intimate relationship… It just so happens her parents won't be home and she convinces him to come over.

Inmou, 淫毛, 음모, Indecent Hair

Kyonyuu Princess Saimin

2 episodes · OVA Completed 巨乳プリンセス催眠

After finding an artifact that allows him to influence the minds of others he does what any other logical person would do. Use it to overthrown the crown by forcing all of the royal women to be his fucktoys.

Ore no Yubi de Midarero.: Heitengo Futarikiri no Salon de…

Magic Bus
8 episodes · ONA Completed OreYubi, 俺の指で乱れろ。~閉店後二人きりのサロンで…~

Fumi Hoshiya works at a beauty salon, hoping to become a hairdresser someday. Her popular and charismatic manager, Sousuke Nanase, often chastises Fumi for her mistakes in the salon. Nonetheless, Fumi idolizes Nanase as a kind mentor and role model.

One day, Nanase invites Fumi for an after-hours practice beauty session. Little does Fumi know, her “beauty session” will entail more than she expected, with Nanase touching every part of her body for some very erotic results!

Sex Friend Osananajimi: Shojo to Doutei wa Hazukashii tte Minna ga Iu kara – The Animation

1 episodes · OVA Completed セクフレ幼馴染 ~処女と童貞は恥ずかしいってみんなが言うから~ THE ANIMATION

The long-awaited OVA of the AVG “Sekufure Childhood Friend”, which is based on Oaksoft and has become a rotten female friend who is more than a friend and less than a lover.
It’s not a beautiful woman to compliment, but only the body is cussoero and it is made into a boy’s hidden popular onapet.
For some reason, the relationship of making each other a sex practice partner was cut out and the days of copulation were to be sent.

Sexfriend Gakuen

1 episodes · ONA Completed Sefure Gakuen, セフレ学園

Takeshi Ookubo is a student at the prestigious Seifuukan Academy, attended mostly by the rich and influential. Owing to his nasty physique and meager intellect, he has little prospect in getting the attention of, let alone developing a romantic relationship with, the woman of his dreams.

When Takeshi is on the verge of giving up, God bestows upon him hypnosis powers, which Takeshi uses to seduce the attractive girls at his school and build his own harem.

He now embarks on a perverted quest, entrapping both classmates and teachers alike under his command. The academy soon transforms into his exclusive sexual playground as more and more girls begin submitting to his influence.

Shihai no Kyoudan

4 episodes · OVA Completed 支配の教壇

Studio Pro announced a hentai anime adaptation of the visual novel “Shimai no Kyoukai” from Bishop Studio, which was released in 2018.

The main character was a real bully and everyone in the Academy was afraid of him. He violated more than once the rules and prohibitions established in the educational institution and was expelled. The teacher Hinamori Cats were trying to protect him but failed. Now she feels guilty before the main character and is ready to fulfill absolutely any of his requests. Our hero understands that this is a great opportunity to gather around a whole harem of teachers, just ask Hanamori-Sensei for a small favor…

Shikijou Kyoudan

2 episodes · OVA Completed 色情教団

A middle-aged man who has lost his job and home because of his arrogant nature. Leading a vagrant lifestyle, he became embittered and aggressive towards society. One day he meets a mysterious beauty Shima Itski, who invites him to become the founder of the sex cult “Ishin No Kai” and in addition to this, she offers him a huge amount of money, a house, and a car. Of course, our hero just could not refuse the sultry beauty and now he has become the “Lord” of a mad sex cult with unimaginably depraved rituals…

Sotsugyou ** Densha

Suzuki Mirano
4 episodes · OVA Completed Sotsugyou Chikan Densha, 卒業○○電車

Based on the doujin CG by Ibukichi.

Bunta is a 43-year-old man who does nothing but think about his hot teacher from Nakajima Nanoka high school with whom he had a secret relationship. After years, she accidentally meets a woman who looks a lot like her old teacher named Nakajima Kanoko that she is a high school teacher with the same surname. Bunta falls madly in love with Kanoko and does not want to wait until the latter disappears like her former teacher.

Suketto Sanjou!! The Animation

2 episodes · OVA Completed 助っ人参上!! THE ANIMATION

The long-awaited OVA of the blockbuster comic “Helper Sanjou !!” (published by GOT Corporation) based on the rare huge breasts hard Eros master Sea Otters!

The hyper erotic tornado created by the super active blonde girl Sundi and the innocent brown girl Wendy will just meet your crotch!

Tenioha! 2: Limit Over – Mada Mada Ippai, Ecchi Shiyo? The Animation

Studio 1st
1 episodes · OVA Completed てにおはっ! 2 リミットオーバー ~まだまだいっぱい, エッチしよ?~ THE ANIMATION

What started as a normal student life turns into a crazy sex fueled dreamland with every female he knows wanting a piece of him! In the end he lands himself in a foursome with all of the girls

Tonari no Ie no Anette-san The Animation

2 episodes · OVA Completed My Next Door Neighbor Anette-san The Animation, となりの家のアネットさん THE ANIMATION

The Protagonist’s life takes a drastic turn when his new huge-breasted neighbor, Anette-san, introduces herself. Because he is a man of no shame and blatant frankness, he begs Anette to fulfill his lifelong dream, to have sex with her. As a meek woman, Anette can hardly say no, and he wastes no time in deflowering her. As he becomes aware of his advantageous position, he reveals himself to be sexually unsatisfiable and reveals his intent to impregnate Anette.

Ushichichi Tabehoudai! The Animation

Metoro no Tsu
1 episodes · ONA Completed うしちち食べ放題!ジ・アニメーション

It is a video work in which a child of Ushikosu gets along well with two old men.

Yarichin Kateikyoushi Netori Houkoku

2 episodes · OVA Completed ヤリチン家庭教師ネトリ報告

A film adaptation of the visual novel “Yarichin Katei Kyoushi Netori Houkoku ~Do-sukebe Kyonyuu Oyakodon~” about a private, slutty tutor. It was his time… time to fuck a super sexy student and her mother!
When middle-aged man, Tatsunobu begins to suffer from erectile dysfunction, he concludes that his alluring young wife, Akari will leave him for another man, for she has a history as an adulteress. Therefore Tatsunobu devises a plan to save his marriage, he asks his step-daughter Shizuku’s tutor, Nozomu to cuckold him, so that he can control what would otherwise be inevitable. Tatsunobu adds two conditions, firstly, Nozomu ought to use contraception, secondly, he ought to send him a record of every session, so that he could one day recover from his predicament. Nozomu accepts the deal but almost immediately starts to violate Tatsunobu’s conditions and also extends his debauchery to Shizuku.