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Sping 2020

Cheer Girl o Ecchi na Me de Miru Nante Saitee tte Itteta Ano Musume ga Motion Comic Version

1 episodes · Movie Completed チアガールをエッチな目で見るなんてサイテーって言ってたあの娘が. モーションコミック版

Speaking of summer student baseball, cheerleaders.
Especially cute
Aoi Hojo, a female student whose well-developed and healthy body catches the eye of a man, is a childhood friend who lives in her neighborhood.
“Men are sci-fi. Look at the cheerleaders with your eyes.”
She’s a serious girlfriend who always gets angry when she says that, but she wished she could be her lover this year …
There is no way to know the worst tradition rooted in a strong school–
“Because it is our tradition to have a regular relationship with the cheerleader”
“Summer Rally”, a traditional event of the baseball club
It is a tradition that the cheer club also participates, and what happened at the place where she was taken-
A video is taken by an unknown boy, and the video is distributed
Then her eyes on her baseball team and her teacher began to change–
Her body is gradually changing–
And she falls into pleasure–
Cheerleading club, which is said to be one with the traditional baseball club
What is the “actuality” of that tradition …?