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Fall 2022

Boku ni Sexfriend ga Dekita Riyuu

? episodes · OVA Upcoming Boku ni SeFri ga Dekita Riyuu, 僕にセフレが出来た理由

The virgin boy who couldn’t help but be worried about his neighbor, a plump married woman, Hitomi, was repeating masturbation thinking of Hitomi countless times. From an event with such a married woman and a boy, what a saffle relationship …!? The boy’s sexual desire explodes beyond the limit to the first sex with the plump body of a married woman who is erotic far beyond the delusion of a virgin!

Delivery Chi*ko o Tanomitai Onee-san

? episodes · OVA Upcoming デリバリーち〇こを頼みたい お姉さん

The doujinshi of Denbu Thighs, which has become a hot topic on SNS, has finally been made into an anime!

“Would you like to be spotted? Let’s find a nearby Chiko
Days when I can’t help but feel horny…
A sister who finds a girl who is attracted to the popular “delivery girl” goes to the order screen…!
When you are waiting with all the preparations, the intercom of fate rings…!?
Special jacket drawn by Denbu Thigh-sensei!

Eroriman 2

? episodes · OVA Upcoming エロリーマン2

Studio Pro has announced the adaptation of the second part of “JK to Ero-ryman 2 ~Meikko JK o mou Hitori LoveHo ni Tsurekonde, Sara ni Yaritai Houdai~” based on the visual novel of the same name from Blue Gale Light Studio. The release is scheduled for the end of November 2022.

The action of hentai will unfold around Aina-chan, Namika’s daughter, the cousin of Mifuyu-chan’s mother from the first part. Aina is trying to reason with Mifuya and herself to take the path of “call girls”. Soon their duet becomes quite popular on the dating site…

Harem Camp!

Studio Hokiboshi
8 episodes · ONA Ongoing ハーレムきゃんぷっ!

“…would you like to sleep with me tonight?”

In a narrow tent, pounding close contact,
Four girls who are too defenseless and a one-night harem camp!
I thought, but it was a school that I met again! ?
With the girls who formed the camp club
The daily life that I envy is starting now ♡

Harem Haramase Kyoudan ~ Totsuzen, Kyouso ni Natta node Tairyou no Hatsujou Onnatachi to Asa kara Ban made Yari Makutta Hanashi ~ The Motion Anime

1 episodes · Movie Completed ハーレム孕ませ教団~突然、教祖になったので大量の発情女たちと朝から晩までヤりまくった話~(モーションアニメ)

The main character, Makoto Onodera, has grown up being abused by his own mother and sister since his father evaporated.

One day, he decides to follow in his father’s footsteps and become the leader of a sex cult! In the cult, what the guru says is absolute. Serving the guru has become a blissful pleasure for the young and beautiful female followers. The effects of “holy light water,” an aphrodisiac-like liquid that is said to be a secret treasure of the cult, make the female followers captivated by their sexual desires…. Brainwashed female believers conceive the children of Oyasama and hope for the prosperity of the cult. They want to have children, and they just want sex! Sex! Sex, sex, sex. Makoto suddenly finds himself living in a harem of pleasure. He knows it is wrong as a human being, but he cannot escape from the pleasures of this life. As he spends his days in such a harem, a girl he had a crush on in school is forced to join. He has his doubts about how to live as a guru, but he is conflicted because now he can do whatever he wants with the girl of his dreams…. Having gained absolute power as a guru, Makoto surrenders himself to the pleasures of sex and falls into a state of degradation. A virgin man who was at the bottom of his life is worshipped as a guru, and is desired daily by his beautiful female followers. He pours his seed into them until he impregnates them.


Kanzen Haiboku -WrestleDown- Muhai No Bijyo Wrestler Ga Wana Ni Hamari Ring-Jou De Youshanaku Nando Mo Okasareru!! The Motion Anime

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1 episodes · Movie Completed 完全敗北-WrestleDown-無敗の美女レスラーが罠にハマりリング上で容赦なく何度も●される!! The Motion Anime

Circle “Hiropin lab” original CG collection “Complete Defeat -WrestleDown- An undefeated beautiful wrestler gets stuck in a trap and gets mercilessly raped in the ring! ! ] is motion animation! ! Practicality 150% UP with motion animation! Move sensually! !

A Beautiful Wrestler Who Gets Fucked Over And Over With Her Sacred Ring.

Kokoha Suki Nadake Sekkusu Shite, Minnani Yorokoba Reru Sekai -The Motion Anime-

1 episodes · Movie Completed ここは好きなだけセックスして、みんなに喜ばれる世界! -The Motion Anime-

I was asked to show it even though I was confused.
If you give me some pocket money to keep my mouth shut
The next morning, the big cock and erection power were known to all the students! ?
Girls around the age who have no entertainment and are curious about sex.
If you can get the money, the momentum will not stop anymore.
A girl with a loose figure and a loose sense of chastity.
A sexually active, super carnivorous reverse ●● Fugal.
Even though she’s prettier than an idol, she’s a bitch who will do anything for money.
Even the honor student and neat and clean chairman can’t stand it if everyone’s foolishness is shown.
Furthermore, even a foreign teacher who has a plump body has joined.
Suddenly, every day when ●●● doesn’t even have time to dry!
The main character is initially
While being tossed by J*s who are just interested in curiosity and money,
Gradually with its decachin and erection power, girls will be captivated by sex.
I dreamed of this place
A world where you can have as much sex as you like and everyone will be pleased! !

Konno Ayaka (35) Ha Haha No Shinnyuu The Motion Anime

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1 episodes · Movie Completed 今野絢香(35)は母の親友 The Motion Anime

A married woman Ayaka Konno (35 y/o) has a sex spree with her close friend’s son.

Korashime 2: Kyouikuteki Depaga Shidou

? episodes · OVA Upcoming 懲らしめ2~狂育的デパガ指導~

Namaiki Depaga is revenge ○○ training with a glass

Depaga and others have newly arrived at the “Petit” label coquttish doll!
Blue Gale’s immortal masterpiece “Discipline 2” is now available as the first anime adaptation of an erotic cute character who is subjected to revenge mount ○○ training!
A man who is straight up on the career road suddenly becomes a window tribe!
The man, who knew that the situation that was shaken and boiled was planned, went to the non-○○ crucible with a revenge stick!
Namaiki Lazy Elega Wearing a uniform Ayako is driven in with a story and obedient mouth ○○!
A revenge stick that opposes whatever you like by rolling it out as you please!
Namaiki’s thick face is clouded, and the limbs that are burning with shame are pressed against the glass of the elevator and the inside of the box is shot!
Revenge Mount ○○ exposes the sloppy limbs hidden under the uniform at ○○ Theater!!
A cute and juicy beautiful girl heroine is attacked hard in uniform ○○ and her crotch rises and explodes as she falls into disarray!

Kyougaku ni Natta Moto Danshikou ni Choroi Seikaku no Onna no Ko ga Tatta Hitori dake Nyuugaku Shitara The Motion Anime

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? episodes · OVA Ongoing 共学になった元男子校にチョロい性格の女の子がたった一人だけ入学したら・・・ The Motion Anime

This is an escalator-style former boys’ school

Thanks to the co-education from this year
Aspiring girls are coming to school!
What kind of child do you have? How many people will come in?
Boys in school had dreams and hopes!
However, this year, which is the first year of co-education,
There was only one girl who entered the school…!
“What do you mean when a girl comes in…”
“This is no different from what it used to be…”
Finally from a miserable life full of men
They thought they could get out, but they got really depressed…
But, but!
That one girl
The atmosphere is cool, but the face is so cute!
Big enough to make the blouse tight!
A big butt that makes the skirt very short!
Thick thighs that look bold from there!
In addition, there is a gap somewhere and it seems to be weak to push!
It was the best beautiful girl who was packed with such “man’s desire”! !
For them from a former all-boys school who are not immune to girls, she
She is so erotic that she seems to ejaculate just by looking at her!
There’s no way an adolescent boy with a bare libido can endure that…!

All the desires for girls that I’ve accumulated until now
It is aimed at only one girl…! ! !

Mahou Shoujo wa Netorareru The Motion Anime

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1 episodes · TV Completed 魔法少女は寝取られる The Motion Anime

Yuuka, who became a magical girl to protect her boyfriend, is preyed upon by her physical education teacher and becomes a prey to adult sex.
Yuka became a magical girl and protected her boyfriend Keita from her enemies (eaters).
At one point, she was witnessed by her teacher Sakoda, and her weakness was grasped.
To be forced into her sexual act-

Mesudachi The Animation

2 episodes · OVA Ongoing メスダチ The Animation

I couldn’t resist the dirty provocations of Satsuki Satonaka, a boyish childhood friend with a cheeky style, so I took advantage of my best friend’s privileges and went into their private sex room, where I repeatedly kissed, fucked, cummed, and had sexual intercourse with her.

Nyotai-ka Panic! 4 ~Onna no Ko ni Natta Ore ga Otoko ni Tsukusu no tte, Kimochii…~ PLAY MOVIE

WorldPG Anime
1 episodes · Movie Completed 女体化パニック4~女の子になった俺が男に尽くすのって、気持ちいい…~ PLAY MOVIE

“No way, it’s me……. ”
The sex change disease, a disease that affects one in a million people, has transformed me from a man into a woman. I have changed from a man to a woman. I will never be a man again. When I returned home after a short stay in the hospital, I was approached by a man…

Otasa no Hime wa Watashi nan Dakara! ~Ano Ko, Doutei Minna de Kowashichae~ PLAY MOVIE

WorldPG Anime
1 episodes · Movie Completed オタサーの姫は私なんだから!~あの子、童貞みんなで壊しちゃえ~ PLAY MOVIE

My name is Hajime Namikawa.
An ordinary student who belongs to the university’s manga research department — “Otasa” where otaku called “Mangaken” gather.
The only girl in the circle, Himezuki-san is kind to all the otaku and always smiling.
Thanks to that, the atmosphere in the circle was good, and he was a necessary existence for this circle.
Hanasaki, a first-year student, joins the club.
For some reason, she chose this department even though she looks like she would be popular with the positive characters.
Hanasaki, who has no prejudice against her otaku and actively gets involved,
She soon became familiar with the circle members.
She was so good, but…

Raikou Shinki Aigis Magia: Pandra Saga 3rd Ignition – The Animation

2 episodes · OVA Ongoing 雷光神姫アイギスマギア ―PANDRA saga 3rd ignition― The Animation

Elect touching original, popular school fantasy “PANDRA” series latest work appeared in OVA!
Beautiful girl heroine close call! ? Numerous fierce and sexy battles with monsters!
A beautiful girl who fights like that is always beautiful and supreme!

Renseijutsushi Colette no H na Sakusei Monogatari

? episodes · OVA Upcoming 錬精術士コレットのHな搾精物語

Colette, a girl who lives quietly with her master in the mountains of a certain country. What she is taught by her master, Priscilla, is not alchemy, but alchemy !? Alchemy is an epoch-making technique for synthesizing items using the semen of living things. But Colette is half a serving who has never had sex yet. Such a collet was able to safely become a full-fledged smelter with a little forcible guidance from Prisila. Prisila gave a gift to Colette, who became a full-fledged person. “My atelier …!?” Colette, who got her own atelier, will do her best. She was on a quest, and she was hindered by a powerful monster. What appeared in front of the troubled collet was a hero with huge breasts! Alchemy using semen = alchemy How much paradise is it to feel good and make money !?

Succubus Yondara Haha ga Kita!?

2 episodes · OVA Upcoming サキュバス喚んだら母が来た!?

Bunny Walker announced that she is going to adapt the CG hentai Succubus Yondara Haha Ga Kita!? He will tell the story of a high school student Morita Takashi, a boy with a high libido who wants to lose his virginity, but cannot, because he is not popular with girls. One day, a message is sent to him with a proposal to summon a sex demon known as a succubus. To summon her, he must stop masturbating for 72 days, then cast a spell. Takashi …

Tsuma ga Netorare Arbeit ~Charao no Kyokon ni Haiboku Shita Yome~The Motion Anime

1 episodes · Movie Completed 妻が寝取られアルバイト~チャラ男の巨根に敗北した嫁~ The Motion Anime

“I’m thinking of working part-time”
The sudden offer from her wife, Riko, makes me stiffen up involuntarily.
“From now on, in order to make ●● and raise it… I want to save as much money as possible.”
“Okay. It’s fine if you say so much. Instead, it’s only during the day.”
Riko starts looking for a part-time job on her smartphone while happily humming a tune.
Now that I think about it….
At that time, the fact that she did not stop her wife’s part-time job may have been the cause of everything…
Riko, who happily works part-time every day, does something like that…

Tsuma Netori 3: Kairaku ni Ochita Injiru Kyoushi-tachi

Teatro Nishi Tokyo Studio
1 episodes · OVA Completed 妻ネトリ3~快楽に堕ちた淫汁教師たち~

The third spin-off animation of LILITH’s married teacher netori training adventure game “Tsuma Netori: Female Teacher’s Training Journal”. A new trainer appears following Tamba. The married teachers are trained by the lewd honey training to be roused by lewd smells and put on a rich lesbian show.

Tanba closes in on Shizuka Sunohara, who is being restrained in the janitor’s room.
At that time, there is a phone call from Anno, and he releases Shizuka and heads to the movie theater where he was summoned.
Anno and Tanba are watching Ikumi Sunohara being molested in a movie theater from behind. The two were planning to have Gonda, a delinquent student who was in a juvenile training school, train Ikumi.
Gonda, who has the physique of a professional wrestler, was detained in a juvenile training school for raping many women. It is said that the women who were hit by Gonda had their anals ripped. Anno wanted to see how he would be developed by assigning Ikumi to this man.
Gonda is guided to an abandoned school building by the students under Yasuno, and he likes Ikumi at first sight hanging in the classroom. Ikumi, who is developed in her lustful body, is in estrus with the smell of Gonda’s thing and gets wet with her anal attack.
Ikumi, who has been severely trained in anal, is made to stand on the stage of a secret club that night, and shows off her orgy play in front of a large audience. After that, a special stage is prepared, and Ikumi is astonished to see the play partner.
Makoto Kano, who had disappeared, was standing there in bondage.

Yaneura DVD ~Nakadashi Senyou Hitozuma Bukken Nyuukyosha Boshuuchuu~ The Motion Anime

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1 episodes · Movie Completed 屋根裏DVD ~中出し専用人妻物件 入居者募集中~ The Motion Anime

Circle MAG-Kan’s original CG collection “Attic DVD ~Creampie-only Married Woman Property Recruiting Tenants~” has been made into a motion animation! ! Practicality 150% UP with motion animation! Move sensually! !

A ragged apartment full of lust where a widow lives. We are looking for tenants for a property with a married woman ◯◯◯◯ for vaginal cum shot!