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Fall 2019

Joshi Luck!

2 episodes · OVA Completed じょしラク!

A guy by the name of Kuroda-sensei is given a job as the new coach/adviser of the girls lacrosse club in a all female school called Felinus Academy for Girls but… it turns out to be a bumpy ride as he encounters sex fiends among the squad, and his adventures begins as he attempts to gain their respect as adviser.

Shigokare: Ecchi na Joshi Daisei to Doki x2 Love Lesson!! The Animation

1 episodes · OVA Completed しごカレ ~エッチな女子大生とドキx2ラブレッスン!! THE ANIMATION

The long-awaited OVA of the blockbuster PC game “A female college student’s older sister gives a private lesson” by the original atelier Kaguya and the original painter choco-chip!
The original original cast is appointed!

Subarashiki Kokka no Kizukikata

2 episodes · OVA Completed 素晴らしき国家の築き方

Ariadne just became the princess of the small country Avon. But already it’s in a deep financial crisis. In an effort to save the country she declares that Avon must focus on developing their sex industry.

XL Joushi.

Magic Bus
8 episodes · TV Completed XL Boss, XL上司。

With the hopes of making a bit of extra cash, office worker Saki Watase registers for a product review program. But when the first product her new part-time job sends her is a huge box of XL condoms, Saki decides to put the task to the side.

Later on, while at a drinking party with her coworkers—including her competent but infuriating “demon boss” Keisuke Sudou—Saki ends up drunk out of her mind, so Keisuke offers to escort her home. Upon their arrival at Saki’s apartment, however, Keisuke immediately takes notice of his subordinate’s substantial amount of XL condoms. When she explains the circumstances of her part time job, Keisuke offers to help out with the testing—revealing himself to be XL-sized!

XL Joushi., XL上司., XL Boss, XL 상사