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Fall 2018

Chikan Shita Joshi*sei to Sonogo, Musabori Au Youna Doero Junai

2 episodes · ONA Completed The Molestation That Became Avid Hyper-Erotic Love, 痴漢した女子●生とその後, むさぼり合うようなドエロ純愛

The protagonist is a run-of-the-mill businessman man in his 30s with no girlfriend. He sees a cute high school girl on the train every day. She’s well developed, with nice hips, and has a healthy figure. If only he could marry a woman like her… With that figure and kind personality, she’s given up struggling and gives into being molested or f*cked. That is all she’s known. One day, the protagonist molests her on the train. When she doesn’t struggle, he brings her to a hotel for sex. This is the first time she has had normal sex. She learns how good sex can be, and he learns about her tight ass and voluptuous tits, her family-oriented and nice personality, and how she’s a dirty girl. They fall in love with each other, and their sexapades escalate.

Hatsujou Switch: Otosareta Shoujo-tachi – The Animation

1 episodes · OVA Completed 発情スイッチ~堕とされた少女達~ THE ANIMATION

The spot that if pressed will make any woman a slave to sex, the “sex switch.” Oshio Tsubohachi is a master at seeing those spots, and making women beg for his cum. A high school girl who goes to the toilet to get fucked by multiple men even when she has a boyfriend. A school president begging for a creampie.

Kansen Sodom

1 episodes · OVA Completed 感染ソドム

In an unassuming city, a deadly virus is released onto all its residents—but instead of being lethal, it skyrockets everyone’s sex drive. The school near the virus’ source is affected the worst: the teachers seek out the students, and the students fight each other to get to the teachers. The debauchery in the city is now at an all time high, and nothing can stand in these lustful people’s way of reaching ultimate pleasure.

Kyonyuu Dosukebe Gakuen

Studio 1st
2 episodes · OVA Completed 巨乳ドスケベ学園

At the protagonist school there is a famous club of girls said to bully and target men breaking them down with sex until they are like lifeless husks an move on to next victim. rumor says all them combine have had over 200 sex partners. One day on train the protagonist is able to hear conversation between college girls and club girls. Turns out they are all virgins who never had sex before. Unlucky (or lucky) for protagonist he is caught eavesdropping. That is day they decide to silence protagonist by finally living up to rumors by making him there target of club.

Kyonyuu JK ga Ojisan Chinpo to Jupo Jupo Iyarashii Sex Shitemasu.

2 episodes · OVA Completed 巨乳J○がオジさんチ○ポとじゅぽじゅぽいやらしいセックスしてます.

Studio T-Rex and Raika Ken announced another adaptation of the popular cgi project. Hentai is based on the eponymous cgi manga authored by Lunatic Orgasm.

Saina Miyamoto is Vice President of the student Council and helps her elders in all matters of concern. This time she receives a rather strange task to accompany an elderly man. Goguryeo Cisco and Kyoko Tazawa with which Sayn, before met on the Internet, help her, accompanied by an elderly man in one of the love hotels. Saina understand that girls do it is not the first time and just following their instructions.

Makai Kishi Ingrid: Re – Mesu Buta Dorei ni Ochita Makai Kishi

Teatro Nishi Tokyo Studio
1 episodes · OVA Completed 魔界騎士イングリッド: Re~メス豚奴隷に堕ちた魔界騎士~

Ingrid, a once feared and powerful Knight has fallen into the hands of a madman who has enslaved her body and mind. Forced to do the sexual bidding of her master with no ability to fight back she is broken and raped endlessly.

Muma no Machi Cornelica

4 episodes · OVA Completed Cornelica, Town of Succubi, 夢魔の街コルネリカ

Al lives in the Town of Demons, Cornelica where succubi also live. At his side is the succubus, Lily, who protects him. He lives his everyday life with Lily protecting him from other succubus who are after his cum.

As an apology for all that has happened to him until now, Arune invites him to a feast. The feast is held at the tavern and is exquisite, but it was another trap, and he is assaulted by Arune and Rosary. Everyone looking on, the real feast begins.

Lily and Shirara come to rescue Al. Shirara says that she’s just nursing him as she pushes her breasts against him, causing Lily’s jealousy to explode. They fight each over Al, as the feast is filled with milk, love juices, and the dirty sounds of the succubi.

Will he actually survive in this town…?

Shuudengo, Capsule Hotel de, Joushi ni Binetsu Tsutawaru Yoru.

Namu Animation
12 episodes · ONA Completed A Hot Night With My Boss in a Capsule Hotel, The Night When Me and My Boss Spent the Night at the Capsule Hotel After the Last Train and He Passed His Fever to Me, 終電後、カプセルホテルで、上司に微熱伝わる夜。

On a night out with coworkers, the new clothes designer Minori Aizawa and her boss, Akihiko Hadano, engage in their usual lighthearted banter. Carried away, they miss the last train and end up having to share a small capsule hotel room. Both tipsy and in close proximity, the two cannot deny their unmistakable attraction to one another, and they spend the night together.

Although such intimacy was not in Aizawa’s or Hadano’s original plan, keeping their hands to themselves grows harder as they work together. In every stolen moment alone, Aizawa and Hadano give in to their deepest desires and dive into the world of pleasure.

Soikano: Gyutto Dakishimete The Animation

1 episodes · OVA Completed 添いカノ~ぎゅっと抱きしめて~ THE ANIMATION

Kouhei has lately been seeing dreams where he is falling, and it made him chronically sleep-deprived. So, he would take a walk every day around the school grounds for a comfortable place to take a nap during lunch break.

One day, he visited the rooftop greenhouse for the first time and took a nap there. When he woke up, there was a girl who he didn’t know sleeping next to him.

“Wah!? Why!?”
“Nn… This, is my, reserved spot…”

Yoake was a problem child at the school. Why is it that she never shows up in class even though she comes to the school? He begins to know her secret after napping together with her every day.

Tiny Evil

4 episodes · OVA Completed Tiny Evil

In a last-ditch effort to lose his virginity and die right after, Takeshi draws a demonic circle in hopes of summoning a succubus to wring him dry. He successfully calls upon one named Miyu, however, she is also a virgin—completely inexperienced with her sole purpose. While Miyu's best efforts to please Takeshi to the point of killing him are not fully effective, perhaps the unity of these two virgins can help them realize their true destinies.

Meanwhile, a man named Shuu has recently moved to a new apartment where he notices a blonde doll sitting above his closet. Following the decision to take care of it out of fear that a curse will befall him if he disposes of it instead, he finds himself brimming with good luck. Eventually, the doll assumes a human form and introduces herself as Nina. As if things could not get any better, she promptly proceeds to alleviate Shuu's sexual desires.


2 episodes · OVA Completed Yarichin☆Bitch Club, ヤリチン☆ビッチ部

Takashi Toono was unsure what to expect when he transferred to Morimori Academy, a private all-boys boarding school located deep in the mountains. However, it's no different from any other boys' school, and since he entered halfway through the year, he feels like an outcast—until the bright and friendly Kyousuke Yaguchi introduces himself.

Due to the school's compulsory club policy, Toono chooses to join the low-effort "Photography Club," but the club is not what it seems. Nicknamed the "Yarichin Bitch Club," its members offer sexual services to pent-up boys at the academy—for no reason other than a love of sex. What's worse is his monthly sex quota—and the punishment for failure is severe: the club will forcefully take his innocence. However, as time runs out, Toono is left mortified and out of options.

At Toono's side throughout his ordeal is Yaguchi, as well as Yuu Kashima—a fellow transfer student and club member who shares Toono's predicament. While the first years in the club struggle with their sticky dilemma, the club collectively has to deal with sex, secrets, and even stalkers!

ヤリチン☆ビッチ部, Yarichin Bitch Bu, Yarichin Bitch Club, Yarichin☆Bitch-bu