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Fall 2014

Furifure the Animation: Seifuku Datenshi no Kagai Jugyo

Office Takeout, Pink Pineapple
1 episodes · Movie Completed フリフレ THE ANIMATION

Yui Kurahashi was an innocent young girl born and raised in a rich family that didn’t treat her well.
After getting into a fight with her parents, Yui wanders the town at night.
A friend suggest she join a message board called Free Friends.
With nowhere left to go after running from home, she turns to the site called “Free Friends” looking for help–unknowing that it was a site for hook-ups.
The one who offers his hand to her is a teacher at her school.
When her teacher meets her and forces himself upon her, their relationship of depravity begins.

Furifure the Animation: Seifuku Datenshi no Kagai Jugyou, フリフレ THE ANIMATION ~制服堕天使の課外授業~, Free Friends the Animation: The Uniform-Clad Fallen Angel`s Extracurricular Lessons, 프리프레 ~제복타천사의 야외수업~

Samurai Hormone The Animation

Anime Antenna Iinkai, MS Pictures
1 episodes · Movie Completed サムライホルモン THE ANIMATION

Based on the adult game by Clam Chowder.

Shizume, a kunoichi of the Fuuma clan, fails in her first attempt to retrieve an important scroll from Horimon Juurou and gets disciplined by her father and brother. Will her next attempt succeed or will Horimon prove to be too much for her? Meanwhile, Horimon is also being pursued by Kojuurouta, wanting revenge for him apparently killing her father and stealing the scroll. Will she be resistent to his charms?

サムライホルモン THE ANIMATION, Samurai Hormone The Animation, 사무라이 호르몬