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Autumn 2023

Ane Jiyoku Tsukushi: Nee-san no Shitagi

? episodes · OVA Upcoming 姉辱尽くし ~姉さんの下着~

Emi, the student council president, is a quiet, beautiful, and perfect girl. Her younger sister, Ryuka, enjoys popularity comparable to that of an idol and is always the center of attention. Despite this, their younger brother Mizuki is rather ordinary.

Since childhood, Mizuki has been the target of teasing from Emi and treated demanding by Ryuka. However, his life takes a turn when he enters a romantic relationship. Nevertheless, his spring of love is disrupted when Ema, unable to accept her younger brother’s first love, takes off her clothes and sexually assaults him.

姉辱尽くし ~姉さんの下着~, Ane Jiyoku Tsukushi: Nee-san no Shitagi,Ane Jiyoku Tsukushi, Sister Humiliation ~Sister’s Underwear~

Doukyo Suru Neneki

King Bee, Mediabank, New Generation
? episodes · OVA Upcoming 同居する粘液

Yuji Fujiwara lived a quiet life.
When she was ○○, she was blamed for a vase she didn’t break, and her co-worker’s mistake led to her being fired from her company.
At the convenience store where she works part-time, she is blamed by Takamiya, a girl younger than her, for mistakes made by others.
When she returns home feeling depressed, she is greeted by a strange girl.
The girl reveals her true identity to Yuji who is confused.
She said it was a slimy creature that had been living with her for three months.
She is a creature who speaks human language and can change her appearance and has a crush on Yuji.
Yuuji is curt about her kindness towards the slime life form.
In order to attract Yuji’s attention, her slimy life form changes her appearance and seduces Takamiya, her colleague at her part-time job.

同居する粘液, Doukyo Suru Neneki,coexisting mucus,Mucus Living Together

Kozukuri Ninkatsu Bu!

Studio 1st
? episodes · OVA Ongoing 子作り妊活部!

Ao is a well-known otaku among his peers. He and his classmates discuss otaku topics daily, and as a result, he’s never had a girlfriend. Perhaps due to his behavior, his classmates refer to him as “Otaku Boy” instead of his name, which makes him feel isolated, especially by Hanami.

However, Ao also has a dream, to find a good partner and start a family. In school, there’s a club that aims to make that dream come true: The Conception and Motherhood Activities Club, also known as the “Procreation Club.” This is an official school activity supported by the government that promotes pregnancy and family planning among students.

After a selection process, Ao manages to join the club. According to his advisor, there’s a girl who wants to become his partner. But when Sudou enters the club room and sees that girl, he’s stunned. She is Hanami, the same girl who had been cold towards him until now.
子作り妊活部!, Kozukuri Ninkatsu Bu!, Kozukuri Bu!

Mahou Touki Lilustear

? episodes · OVA Upcoming 魔法闘姫リルスティア

Rin is a shy, ordinary girl, worried because her breasts are slightly bigger than other girls’. One day, she is attacked by an evil organization but saved by Magical Valkyrie Frostia, a magical girl superheroine. When she discovers Frostia’s true identity, Rin joins her as a Magical Valkyrie to fight against evil.

魔法闘姫リルスティア, Mahou Touki Lilustear, Magical Fighting Princess Lilstea

Mihitsu no Koi

? episodes · OVA Upcoming 未必の恋

Yunika is a beautiful girl who spends every day adoring her best friend Risa, a calm and reserved schoolgirl. Yunika hates her best friend’s older boyfriend because she thinks he is manipulating her. One day, Yunika witnesses a shocking and obscene scene involving Risa and her boyfriend, which arouses intense emotions in her.

未必の恋, Mihitsu no Koi, unavoidable love


Thai Pay Culture
? episodes · Movie Completed マイ・マザー

When Nuch, a beautiful single mother, goes on vacation with Nont, her son, at a beachfront hotel, things always happen whenever she gets drunk. Especially when she finds out the secret between Nont and his sister. Hentai Anime from H-manga by XTER, Best seller Thai Milf manga artist. Immoral erotic story of Mama Nuch and Nont’s vacation at a beachfront hotel waiting for you to experience.

マイ・マザー, My Mother THE ANIMATION

Night Tail

? episodes · OVA Upcoming ナイトテール

Want to know what your “night” job is? A beautiful woman who transforms into an Erokawa costume and exterminates nightmares in her dreams.

A request to exterminate a nightmare came in addressed to the erotic “Majin”!?
This time, the “Majin” label partner is… the fantasy doujin game circle “Kurasuke Soko” that creates the “Enchanting Twintails” character.
To think that super-kawaii heroines with the ability to exterminate nightmares would be so radical and face such a tragic fate…
Anime original heroine voice actor talks cutely, moans, and licks!

ナイトテール, Night Tail

Secret Mission: Sennyuu Sousakan wa Zettai ni Makenai!

Rabbit Gate
8 episodes · ONA Ongoing Sex Is Part of Undercover Agents’ Job?, しーくれっとみっしょん~潜入捜査官は絶対に負けない!~

Undercover agent Riko Ikazuchi and her partner Noma infiltrate an apartment that is also the hideout of a criminal organization. They pretend to be newlyweds. However, when the perpetrators don’t hear any sounds coming from them at night, they become suspicious.

To convince the perpetrators that they are a married couple in love, they start touching each other and making noise…

しーくれっとみっしょん~潜入捜査官は絶対に負けない!~, Secret Mission: Sennyuu Sousakan wa Zettai ni Makenai!, Sex Is Part of Undercover Agents’ Job?

Sweet and Hot

Blue bread, Mediabank, Queen Bee
? episodes · OVA Upcoming Sweet and Hot

Women are drawn one after another to the smell of the sweat of the shady, chubby guy. The smell of his body odor makes their central nervous system go haywire. Once they smell the smell, they are captivated by the flabby guy, the girls in heat cannot suppress their sexual desire and have sexual intercourse with each other. And everyone keeps asking for semen in her vagina.

Tanetsuke Oji-san to Papakko JD Saimin Seikatsu The Animation

Studio 1st
1 episodes · OVA Upcoming 種付おじさんとパパっ子JD催眠生活 The Animation

Karen is a college student who was abandoned by her beloved father not long ago. Because she is somewhat traumatized, a man hypnotizes her to make her believe that he is her father. Now that Karen has a new “daddy”, she lives a happy life having sex with him.

種付おじさんとパパっ子JD催眠生活 The Animation, Tanetsuke Oji-san to Papakko JD Saimin Seikatsu The Animation

Tsuma Netori Kan: Bijutsu Kyoushi no Baai

Teatro Nishi Tokyo Studio
1 episodes · OVA Completed Tsuma Netori Kan: Bijutsu Kyoushi no Baai, 妻ネトリ 姦 美術教師の場合

A story about when Makoto was a trainee at the school.
Yurina Suzukaze, a popular teacher who teaches drawing to her students in the art room, is married, and her husband works alone in Italy. When her father, the owner of her gallery building, falls ill, she becomes a temporary teacher at the school until her condition improves.
Sakakura, her senior from college, who introduced her school to Yurina, has an unusual liking for her, and together with Yasuno, who sympathizes with each other, a plan to train Yurina is put into motion.
Following orders from her director, Yurina will participate in an exchange training session. On the day of her departure for the exchange training session, she drinks the tea that Sakakura recommended to her, and then her feet become unsteady, her eyes darken, and she collapses.
When her girlfriend Yurina wakes up, she trembles at her situation. She was strapped to her training chair completely naked, with a gag ball in her mouth and a potion applied to her nipples and clitoris, making her erect.
Sakakura starts talking about giving her a boost to Yurina, who is about to lose her mind. She is told that for half a month from today, she will be confined in this training room and live her training life.
For what seemed like an eternity, Yurina was subjected to horrific training.

妻ネトリ 姦 美術教師の場合, Tsuma Netori Kan: Bijutsu Kyoushi no Baai

Tsuma ni Damatte Sokubaikai ni Ikun ja Nakatta

2 episodes · OVA Upcoming 妻に黙って即売会に行くんじゃなかった

“Long-awaited OVA Adaptation of the Sensational Meaty Artist, Minamoto, Depicting Overwhelmingly Sensual Beauty – A Comic about a Married Woman’s NTR!
During the Bon Festival and year-end, the husband always goes on business trips. His wife, Yumiko, feels lonely and finds herself with unfulfilled sexual desires. One day, while searching through her husband’s room during his trip, she discovers a very kinky doujinshi (fan-made comic).
She had never thought her husband had such strong sexual desires… As Yumiko indulges in imagining the intense sex depicted in the doujinshi with her husband, a carefree neighbor guy suddenly appears…?
Unable to resist the intense sex of a young man, Yumiko finds herself immersed in carnal desires…!”

妻に黙って即売会に行くんじゃなかった, Tsuma ni Damatte Sokubaikai ni Ikun ja Nakatta, OVA 妻に黙って即売会に行くんじゃなかった, OVA Tsuma ni Damatte Sokubaikai ni Ikun ja Nakatta