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Autumn 2017

Baku Ane 2: Otouto Ippai Shibocchau zo! The Animation

1 episodes · Movie Completed ばくあね2 弟いっぱいしぼっちゃうぞ! THE ANIMATION

The protagonist and his lover want to have their first time together, but due to past trauma, he can’t go any further. The elder sister of the Takesaka household notices his problem and wants to help him… with sexual lessons! Even his cousin and the one who caused his trauma join the party, and the battle of the best sexual lesson begins.

ばくあね2 弟いっぱいしぼっちゃうぞ! THE ANIMATION, Baku Ane 2: Otouto Ippai Shibocchau zo! The Animation, 폭발누나 2 ~ 남동생 엄청 짜버린다구!

Ikkyuu Nyuukon

Queen Bee
4 episodes · OVA Completed Only My Oppai Soul, 一求乳魂

Takahashi is roped into becoming the manager of the girls’ volleyball club. He is inevitably used to gratify the sexual desires of all the club’s members.
Satou of the girls’ volleyball club watches her senpai have sex with club manager Takahashi every day. She masturbates daily to quell her growing desires but to little effect. Satou devises a plan that buys her and Takahashi some alone time in a storage room.
As their summer tournament approaches, the girls’ volleyball club sets out on a trip to training camp. But as soon as the club memebers arrive, they throw a BBQ party! And after that, everyone wants some of Takahashi’s cock!

一求乳魂, Ikkyuu Nyuukon, Only My Oppai Soul, 오직 내 가슴의 영혼

Imouto Bitch ni Shiboraretai

2 episodes · OVA Completed I Want To Be Squeezed By My Bitch Sister, 妹ビッチに搾られたい

When Mina agrees to come as a last-minute invitee to a mixer, she is surprised to see her brother sitting across the table. However, she decides to bite her tongue and not reveal this to her peers—even when the king’s game that they are playing starts to get increasingly sexual.

Elsewhere, the nature of Sayaka and her brother’s relationship changes when her brother discovers a hole at waist-level in the wall between their rooms. Will Sayaka notice her brother watching her most intimate moments?

妹ビッチに搾られたい, Imouto Bitch ni Shiboraretai, I Want to Be Squeezed by My Sister Bitch, 여동생 Bitch에게 짜내지고 싶어

Jukujo Shigan

MB planning
1 episodes · OVA Completed 熟女志願

Our protagonist, Masaru is living at home, studying for college entrance exams after two years worth of failed attempts, and struggling with the unbearable lusts of youth. Then Shizue, a gorgeous, attractive mature lady, moves in next door. They often pass by one another in town, and Shizue always shows him a gentle smile. Masaru falls hopelessly in love with Shizue and fantasizes about her. He studies alone in his room, and late one night, a crack of light and the sound of heavy breathing spill from an open window next door. Masaru’s curiosity gets the better of him. He leaves his house, creeps toward the light, and takes a peek. There he sees Shizue at her lewdest! She’s being tied up and tormented by her own husband!!

熟女志願, Jukujo Shigan, 숙녀지원, Madam Desire, Mature Woman Desire

Juvenile Pornography The Animation

Office Takeout
1 episodes · OVA Completed Milf Park, ジュヴナイル・ポルノグラフィ THE ANIMATION

As the sun filters through the trees, a beautiful woman is absorbed in her book. She reads the tale of a girl who is honest about her desires, a girl who writhes in boundless pleasure.
“Hey, let’s have sex.”
Who’s speaking? Is it the girl in the story or the woman who’s reading it? The truth is that something even more erotic than the book’s story awaits!

ジュヴナイルポルノグラフィ THE ANIMATION, Juvenile Pornography The Animation, Milf Park, 青春的情爱文学, 쥬브나일 포르노그래피

Kagirohi: Shaku Kei – Another

Suzuki Mirano
4 episodes · OVA Completed かぎろひ~勺景~ Another

There’s a tiny village in the valley. A lady there hangs to death inside an old-fashioned building. Her name is Kirishima Kaede. Prior to incident, she confides in her own childhood friend, Takahashi Aoi. She opens her heart to him. Her pouting face remains in Aoi’s memory—just like her laughter and the things they did, bodies pressed against the other person. Aoi remembers something rouses his suspicions. Aoi deeply believes that a person killed Kaede, anf the husband leaps into action. 1 day, when Aoi is pondering his thoughts alone in the classroom, the mysterious transfer student, Minazuki Ajisai, calls out to him…

かぎろひ~勺景~ Another, Kagirohi: Shaku Kei – Another, 아지랑이: Shaku Kei – Another

Katainaka ni Totsuidekita ○-ssia Musume to H Shimakuru Ohanashi

Collaboration Works
4 episodes · OVA Completed A Story of How a Russian Girl Suddenly Became a Part of My Back-Country Household and How Lots of Sex Ensued, 片田舎に嫁いできた○シア娘とHしまくるお話

Kenta Suzumura is an unemployed man who has never managed to maintain a job or a loving relationship. On the other hand, his brother Kouta is handsome, intelligent, and married to a beautiful Russian woman named Arisa. However, when Kouta announces that he will be away on a business trip, Kenta decides to seize the opportunity and "educate" Arisa about Japan in the absence of her husband—of course, in the most obscene ways possible…

片田舎に嫁いできた○シア娘とHしまくるお話, Katainaka ni Totsui de Kita Russia Musume to H Shimakuru Ohanashi, A Story of How a Russian Girl Suddenly Became a Part of My Back-Country Household and How Lots of Sex Ensued, 片田舎に嫁いできたロシア娘とHしまくるお話, 시골구석에 시집온 0시아 아가씨와 H하다

Kime Koi!

2 episodes · OVA Completed Kimekoi! - Love Decision! The Reason Why I'm Going after a Girl Out of My League and My Childhood Friend, Kimekoi!, Kimekoi! Takane no Hana to Osananajimi ga Kimatta Riyuu, キメ恋!

Hero Hajime is going to school with Misa and Megumi. He loves Megumi, and asks Misa if there is a way to win Megumi over. Misa produces a pill that is supposed to make the taker reveal their exact feelings for someone. It turns out Megumi has been wanting Hajime, but so has Misa.

キメ恋! 高嶺の華と幼なじみがキマった理由, Kimekoi! Takane no Hana to Osananajimi ga Kimatta Riyuu, Kimekoi! – Love Decision! The Reason Why I`m Going after a Girl Out of My League and My Childhood Friend, キメ恋! 高嶺の華と幼なじみがキマった理由, 키메코이! – 애정결단! 내가 나의 리그에서 벗어난 소녀와 나의 어린 시절 친구를 쫓는 이유

Kyonyuu Daikazoku Saimin

2 episodes · OVA Completed 巨乳大家族催眠

Turning the powerful hypnotism capabilities of his penlight on his foster mother and stepsisters, Mamiya Yuuichi uses his family as an outlet for his sexual desires. As the absurdity that is the Mamiya household unfurls, the neighbors begin to notice. Worrying for the moral state of the Mamiya household, their neighbor Nanae comes over to talk. She is powerless to resist his powers of hypnotism, and their other neighbor, Yachiyo, later shares the same fate. Finally Ruiko, President of the Neighborhood Association, approaches the Mamiyas’ house.

巨乳大家族催眠, Kyonyuu Daikazoku Saimin, Big Breasts, Big Family, Hypnosis – I Can’t Stop Having Orgasm-Filled Sex with My Whole Family!, Busty Big Family Hypnosis, 거유 대가족 최면

Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji.

12 episodes · ONA Completed My Matchmaking Partner Is My Student, An Aggressive Troublemaker, My Marriage Partner is My Student, a Cocky Troublemaker, My Marriage Interview Partner is a Student, Strong, and a Problem Child, お見合い相手は教え子、強気な、問題児。

Teacher Nano Saikawa hasn’t given much thought to marriage, but her father’s friend wants her to have a marriage interview with his son, Souichirou Takamiya. After the interview, they spend the day together. As they gradually become more comfortable with one another, Souichirou asks for her hand in marriage. Things quickly heat up between them, and the two wind up in bed together. However, when she removes his glasses, she discovers he is not Souichirou; he is actually one of her problem students, Souji Kuga!

Souji’s explanation is watertight: when he realized his brother was to be Nano’s intended, Souji posed as him in order to be with her. And what’s more, he is even confident that his family will approve of their marriage. However, an illicit relationship with a student is the last thing Nano wants. But will she be able to resist his charms, especially when her body begins to ache for his?

Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji., お見合い相手は教え子, 強気な, 問題児., My Marriage Partner Is My Student, a Cocky Troublemaker., 맞선 상대는 제자, 기가 센 문제아

Otome*Domain The Animation

1 episodes · OVA Completed オトメ*ドメイン THE ANIMATION

Minato’s last blood-relative, his grandmother, passed away and now he is all alone in this world. He thinks about how he was blessed to have family, but dryly laughs about how he’ll need to take care of himself now.

However, during the funeral of his grandmother, someone named Kazari approaches him and offers to admit him into a prestigious school, in addition to providing him a place to reside. Minato immediately and thankfully takes up on this offer, but soon realizes that the Suzu Academy is an all-girl’s school, and the “ojou-sama” that he’ll be residing with has flaws of their own which really shattered his expectation for a high-class lady.

オトメ*ドメイン THE ANIMATION, Otome Domain The Animation, Otome*Domain The Animation, 소녀 * Domain

Ryuudouji Shimon no Inbou

Anime Antenna Iinkai
2 episodes · OVA Completed 龍堂寺士門の淫謀

A former science teacher receives a mysterious recruitment document, inviting him to a prestigious school. However, this school is not what it seems…

龍堂寺士門の淫謀, Ryuudouji Shimon no Inbou, 龙堂寺士门的淫谋, 류도우지 시몬의 음모

Succuba Mist Story The Animation

Office Takeout
1 episodes · OVA Completed Demoness of Dreams, Succuba Mist Story, Sakyubamist Story, さきゅばみすと・すとーりー

“I, the super cute me, will suck up all of your vitality for you.”
A modern-day beautiful girl, a succubus who is incredibly cute and very sexy!?
Tonight, I won’t let you sleep, I will love you to the fullest.
You are the only one invited to this slightly mysterious and intense erotic world.

さきゅばみすと・すとーりー The Animation, Succuba Mist Story The Animation, Demoness of Dreams, Succuba Mist Story, Sakyubamist Story, 梦里魅魔的故事, 서큐버미스토 스토리