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Woman Cheats on Husband with Ex-boyfriend in Tsuma o Dousoukai ni Ikasetara First OVA

Great news, guys. The trailer of Tsuma o Dousoukai ni Ikasetara episode 1 has been revealed!

The hentai looks very erotic and hot. This man and the married woman look like they enjoyed fucking a lot, except her husband, but I don’t think he will ever find out about their affair.

Alright guys, if you’re a NTR genre fan, don’t forget that this OVA is going to be released on May 24.


Woman Cheats on Husband with Ex-boyfriend in Tsuma o Dousoukai ni Ikasetara First OVA

Yuri counteracts her husband’s concerns with a loving kiss and heads to the alumni reunion. Among the classmates she reunites with after several years is Tatsuhiko, her ex-boyfriend. Unlike Yuri, who was an exemplary student, Tatsuhiko was more carefree and outgoing. Even today, as he drinks alcohol, he tries to touch Yuri playfully. Although she now has a husband whom she loves, Yuri worries about Tatsuhiko, who continues drinking without concern for the consequences. As Tatsuhiko keeps drinking without listening to Yuri’s advice, he begins to feel unwell. Yuri can’t leave Tatsuhiko alone and accompanies him to the bathroom, supporting him on her shoulder. However, as soon as they reach the bathroom, Tatsuhiko closes the door and begins to touch Yuri’s breasts. Tatsuhiko had been pretending to be drunk to take advantage of the opportunity to be alone with Yuri.

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