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Trailer for 1LDK+JK Episode 02 is Revealed

The Ninja R*pe Legend – Ajisai to Get an Animated Adaptation

Hi guys, today the hentai company Media Bank gave four interesting news. The first one is about trailer of the second episode of 1LDK+JK Ikinari Doukyo? Micchaku! Hatsu Ecchi!!!.

The sexual and exhibitionist scene in the school makes this second OVA more perverted, or what do you think?

Don’t forget that this chapter will be released on October 6.


Trailer for 1LDK+JK Episode 02 is Revealed

Akane asks Ken as a favor to pretend to be her uncle and attend the school meeting, a request he agrees to. After the meeting ends, Ken climbs the stairs leading to the rooftop to reminisce about his old student days. Once there, Ken gropes Akane’s ass without caring if anyone sees them.

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