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The Legend of Zelda Gets an Adult Film Parody!

Hi guys, today I bring you a news about a special adult movie! Can you imagine an adult parody about The Legend of Zelda and the classic RPG games? Well get ready, because the production company ROCKET will soon release a porn parody of this famous franchise.

The Legend of Zelda Gets an Adult Film Parody!

The film is titled RCTD-536 I Want To Rape RPG Mob Characters Who Only Say The Same Lines! Part 3 and will run for 140 min. The lead actresses who will play the roles of enemies and villains are Sara Kagami, Ena Satsuki, and Yukari Nonoka.

The plot revolves around the player, that is, us, controlling Link during his adventure, and since the NPCs are boring, we simply have sex with them for fun.

If you’re eager to watch this movie, I inform you that it will be released digitally on July 10!

In December last year, RCTD-495, a prequel to this movie, was released. In addition to these two, there is also RCTD-409, the first film in this series.

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