Shidoukan Day After The Animation, Episode 2 scheduled to release on May 28, 2021

指導姦 Day after THE ANIMATION 第2巻 / Shidoukan Day After The Animation, Episode 2

Product introduction
By changing common sense, you can roll as you wish! Volume 2 of the popular comic series drawn by BANG-YOU!

A middle-aged coach who is treated poorly by a female player.
One day she gains the ability to change human common sense …
With her power, she will do whatever she wants with the erotic athlete girls with brown and sunburn marks!
Guidance rape is allowed even if Nani is killed.

“Teaching rape Future!”
A world where national arrangements are determined by sports!
In a society where common sense has changed, athletes have no choice but to produce results in sports or to have a leader with excellent genes.

“Instruction After”
The guidance of sports leaders is absolute!
In order to get the courage, he elicited emotions with an oil massage after the special swimming training.

Original: BANG-YOU “Instruction Rape Day after” (published by GOT) / Director: Rokuro Kuramori / Animation Production: Seven / Production: Pink Pineapple





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