Real Eroge Situation! 2, Episode 2 scheduled to release on May 28, 2021

リアルエロゲシチュエーション!2 THE ANIMATION 第2巻/ Real eroge situation! 2 THE ANIMATION Volume 2

Product introduction
The latest in the blockbuster PC game series “Home Sutajio” “Real Eroges Situation! 2 ”OVA Volume 2!

Please enjoy a little perverted and lewd sex with girls who accept all the delusional duero situations of special habits !!
The original original cast is appointed!

The hero “Toru Seo” who writes down the overflowing delusional situation in a notebook called “Propensity Diary”.
It is a masturbation act that replaces masturbation, suppressing the overflowing libido!
“No one understands this hobby and I wouldn’t be able to do her,” he thought.
One day, when Toru, who had forgotten his notebook in the classroom, hurriedly returned to pick up, there was a figure of his classmate “Otori Chikage” who <masturbates with Toru’s diary in one hand>.
Her harem state suddenly surrounded by heroines who accept the propensity that she thought would never be accepted and understand it further!
His “real” and “eroge” -like everyday life began in this way!
A girl who accepts all the delusional duero situations of peculiar habits.
An erotic story that thoroughly enjoys intense sex with such a girl!

Original: Home Sutajio “Real Erogation Situation! 2” / Director / Director / Storyboard: Shuta Ota / Character Design / Animation Director: Matsujun / Animation Production: Studio 1st / Production: Pink Pineapple


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