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Pink Pineapple Announces Two Rereleases with English Subtitles!

Good news! Pink Pineapple announced a few hours ago two new rereleases with English subtitles! The first OVA translated is Sakusei Byoutou The Animation 03.


Pink Pineapple Announces Two Rereleases with English Subtitles!

Yamada’s got a compound fracture in both hands. Classic Yamada!
But that means he has to spend some time in the hospital — and worse, he can’t jack off! It’s worse than it sounds.
Yamada has a condition that means he has to choke the chicken every three hours, or he’s wracked by unbearable pain.

Sounds fake, I know, but it’s a real problem, and real nurses have to help handle it!
However, it turns out all the nurses here are just plain MEAN!

Nurse number three is the wild Yamaguchi.
Yamada is overwhelmed by the former delinquent’s downright violent words and actions.
Just when he was thinking it was only emotional torture… Yamaguchi assails him with her sperm-extracting machines.
But then, there’s a certain “change” in her…?

“I like your nerve! If you want it so badly, I’ll make you cum!”

The next hentai translated into English is a new one, as it is about Choukou Tenshi Escalayer!

Choukou Tenshi Escalayer is an adult anime based on an eroge developed by Alice Soft, released on August 2, 2002. The animated series released on September 27, 2002, and concluded on March 28, 2003, consisting of 3 episodes. On July 14, 2005, the distributor Media Blasters released Beat Angel Escalayer, an uncensored version of the hentai with English dubbing.


Pink Pineapple Announces Two Rereleases with English Subtitles!

His childhood love is a heroine of justice.

Sayuka Koenji, who has the “Doki Doki Dynamo” embedded in her body, can use her heart-pounding (erotic) emotions as energy to transform into the heroine of justice, Escalayer, with powers that surpass even that of evil aliens.

However, attacks by the enemy, Invasion Corps Dai-lust, are getting more intense by the day.

Pushed to her limit, support robot Madoka gets Kyohei Yanase involved.

Kyohei is delighted to be reunited with his childhood love, but Sayuka has lost her memory…
With conflicted emotions, Kyohei lends his sexual support.

A new relationship begins between Kyohei and Sayuka.

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