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Magin Label Unveils Trailers for May Releases

Good morning, guys. Today we start the week with three interesting news. The first one is about Ruins Seeker episode 2, as its trailer was released today!

The video was upscaled using AI

This is not the only news from Magin Label. The popular label also revealed the trailer for Mugoku no Kuni no Alice, its new horror and lolicon hentai.

The video was upscaled using AI

Both OVAs look very promising, so if you want to see them, don’t forget that they will be released on May 31.

Ruins Seeker episode 2

Magin Label Unveils Trailers for May Releases

In their attempt to help Rivaston due to the legend of a benevolent bandit, Quem faces a powerful enemy, and his companion Vise also becomes embroiled in the battle. Afterward, they both find the Joruri Mirror, which is capable of showing the sins of those who see their reflection in it.

Mugoku no Kuni no Alice

Magin Label Unveils Trailers for May Releases

Alice, a shy and loving girl to her older sister, suddenly finds herself in an unknown room separated from her sister, which deeply worries her. Determined to find her, Alice faces strange creatures and deadly traps in the room. She must be careful, as one mistake could mean losing her sister forever. Can Alice find her sister safe and sound?

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