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Kozukuri Ninkatsu-Bu! Reveals More Details of Its OVA

On July 22 we gave you news that the light novel Kozukuri Ninkatsu-bu! would be animated, today we finally bring you more news of this hentai.

Last August 18, Mary Jane announced that the OVA will be released on November 10.

子作り妊活部! 第1話遠野羽海編
原作(著:孕間せん )はフランス書院eブックス様より発売中です。

— メリー・ジェーン公式 (@infomaryjane) August 18, 2023

Today we finally know its official synopsis because Getchu published the official post of this hentai.


Ao is a well-known otaku among his peers. He and his classmates discuss otaku topics daily, and as a result, he’s never had a girlfriend. Perhaps due to his behavior, his classmates refer to him as “Otaku Boy” instead of his name, which makes him feel isolated, especially by Hanami.

However, Ao also has a dream, to find a good partner and start a family. In school, there’s a club that aims to make that dream come true: The Conception and Motherhood Activities Club, also known as the “Procreation Club.” This is an official school activity supported by the government that promotes pregnancy and family planning among students.

After a selection process, Ao manages to join the club. According to his advisor, there’s a girl who wants to become his partner. But when Sudou enters the club room and sees that girl, he’s stunned. She is Hanami, the same girl who had been cold towards him until now.

Unfortunately, only this information is known. The animation studio has not yet been revealed, but we suspect that it is New Generation.

Stay tuned to our website, as we’ll let you know when more details about the OVA are revealed.

NEW: Director Oota Hideta posted on his X account an image of this hentai, confirming that Studio 1st will animate this series.

ちなみに羽海ちゃんの口元は煙草ではありません。飴ですよ~。 pic.twitter.com/gPii07jXOV

— 太多秀太@スタジオ1st (@hideta_oh) August 31, 2023

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