Jitaku Keibiin 2: Haibara-ke no Ketsuzoku, Episode 7 scheduled to release on May 28, 2021

自宅警備員2 第七話 従兄妹・叔母・メイド~自宅警備員は眠らない~ / Home Guard 2 Episode 7 Brothers and Sisters, Aunts, Maids-Home Guards Never Sleep-

Product introduction
There is no blind spot for a voyeur camera in this building where I guard my home. Mothers and daughters who are full of worldly desires and maids are not qualified to have private life.

[Roku de Nashi Neat] rushes into a new chapter in “Suzuki Mirano” !!
“BEELZEBUB”, a software circle for adults who wants to aim for the ultimate entertainment from tomorrow. The title of this time is … “Home Guard 2” title 7th !!
All the women living in the mansion, “Reina Haibara”, “Shiho Haibara” and “Shieri Haibara” are the targets for this time !!
Make full use of voyeur equipment, grasp the weakness of the target, and the rest is an all-you-can-eat sexual desire paradise !!

The man’s name is Haibara Hikimori.
As a home guard, he has been guarding his birthplace for many years.
But now, dark clouds hang down in his life.
His aunt Shiho Haibara, his daughter and brother and sister Reina,
Shieri, the maid of the mansion that protects them.
Before her heritage was inherited by Rena, the guard attempted to trap them.
In order to protect his own life, Mamoru makes full use of numerous voyeur machines and begins to explore the weaknesses of Rena, Shiho, and Shieri.
Teaching the taste of a meat stick to a straight-laced bride waiting for his fiancée to return, pouring a strong male torrent into a widow who is still young, and slamming pleasure that can not be resisted by a maid wearing a cool mask That’s right.
A guardian who devours women, but the unknown memory that comes to his mind bothers him.
What is the true nature of the anxiety that nests in the hearts of home guards?
There is no blind spot for a voyeur camera in this building where I guard my home.
Annoyed mother and daughter, her maid is not qualified to have a private life.

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