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JAV: Unfaithful Woman Cheats on Her Husband and Lover with Her Boss

The Ninja R*pe Legend – Ajisai to Get an Animated Adaptation

The upcoming adult movie is sure to please NTR fans, as it’s the live-action adaptation of the doujinshis Uragiri Bedroom and Hanamizuki Vol.1 “Saitei no Onna”.

JAV: Unfaithful Woman Cheats on Her Husband and Lover with Her Boss

The film was produced by MADONNA studios under title URE-099 ハナミズキ 原作 ロシナンテ 前日譚「うらぎりベッドルーム」 第一話「最低の女」を同時収録。 栗山莉緒. This video will have a duration of 140 minutes and will be starred by actress Rio Kuriyama.

Get ready, fans of these two doujinshis, their live-action adaptation is set to be released on September 22!

Uragiri Bedroom y Hanamizuki Vol.1 “Saitei no Onna” are two netorare doujinshis from Rocinante circle. Although they are from different series, they share the same story.


JAV: Unfaithful Woman Cheats on Her Husband and Lover with Her Boss

Uragiri Bedroom

Nobu and Sakura, both employees at a random company, are married but also having an affair. One day, Hana, Nobu’s wife, catches them in the sexual act. Hana gives them two options: either confess everything to Sakura’s husband, or have sex right then and there in front of her while she records it. Despite choosing the latter, the unfaithful couple couldn’t prevent Sakura’s husband from finding out the truth.

Hanamizuki Vol.1 “Saitei no Onna”

A week has passed since the incident, and the illicit relationship between Nobu and Sakura is starting to crumble. To make matters worse, rumors about their affair are beginning to spread. Following this, their boss invites Sakura to a meeting to discuss the rumors. Now that Sakura knows her boss is aware of the whole truth, she will have to become his sex friend to keep him quiet.

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