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JAV: Teasing Schoolgirl is Abused by Her Teacher

Good morning, everyone. Today, we’ll start the day with two porn movie news! The first one is from Muku studio, based on Suimitsu Shoujo doujinshi.

JAV: Teasing Schoolgirl is Abused by Her Teacher

The movie is titled MUDR-250 水蜜少女1&2 実写版 寝ている制服美少女をキモデブメガネの担任教師が睡眠姦で処女強奪。 久留木玲, has a duration of 100 minutes, and will be starring actress Konatsu Kashiwagi. This film will be released on February 16.

Suimitsu Shoujo is a doujinshi series by artist Kahlua Suzuki that was released in December 2008. In September 2020, Muku released MUDR-124 porn movie, which is based on the first two stories of this doujinshi. A year later, the same production company adapted the other three doujinshis into the movie MUDR-149.


JAV: Teasing Schoolgirl is Abused by Her Teacher

Suimitsu Shoujo tells the story of Sugai, an overweight and unattractive teacher who is constantly teased by Mika and her friends. One night, Mika gets drunk with one of her teacher’s beers and he takes the opportunity to rape her.

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Good news for fans of the artist Sasamori Tomoe, Hunter studio announced that Gaming Harem, a doujinshi by this artist, will have a porn movie! The movie titled HUNTB-597 げーみんぐはーれむ…


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