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JAV: Schoolgirl Shows Her Breasts to Classmate During Class

Good morning, guys. I hope you’re ready for some porn movie news because today I’ll be talking about two. The first one is a live-action adaptation by MOODYZ studio based on “Mamiya shows off her boobs” doujinshi!

JAV: Schoolgirl Shows Her Breasts to Classmate During Class

Original title: 原作:コノシロしんこ【無表情×クール攻め】 隣の席の間宮さん-実写版- クールな巨乳美少女がエッチに迫る男の願望と欲望を叶える甘々で蕩ける極上セックス
Runtime: 140 min
Release date: March 15
Label/Company: MOODYZ

Mamiya shows off her boobs (Tonari no Seki no Mamiya-san) is a doujinshi by artist Shinko Konoshiro that went on sale on September 7, 2022.


JAV: Schoolgirl Shows Her Breasts to Classmate During Class

Mamiya is a beautiful and very popular schoolgirl who always rejects all the men who confess their love to her. Despite not being interested in love, Nakui, her classmate, fantasizes about touching her huge breasts. However, Nakui said that out loud, and Mamiya heard him. After a while, Mamiya suddenly shows him her breasts during class.

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