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JAV: Group of Gals Can’t Stop Having Sex with This Salary Man

Ore ga Kanojo wo Okasu Wake Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary

Hey guys, here’s the latest news of the day. It’s about the long-awaited sequel to Oshikake Bakunyuu Gal Harem Seikatsu! (Gyaru Harem Invasion).

JAV: Group of Gals Can’t Stop Having Sex with This Salary Man

In case you don’t remember, the first film tells the story of gals who blackmail a salaried man into letting them live in his apartment, where they pretty much just have sex with him.

The new film, also produced by E-BODY, will be titled EBOD-995 おしかけ!爆乳ギャルハーレム性活2 田中ねね 乙アリス 菊池まや 有岡みう and will have a runtime of 160 minutes. There are no changes to the cast, so we’ll continue to see Alice Otsu, Miu Arioka, Maya Kikuchi, and Nene Tanaka in this hot movie.

This other film will also be released on July 14.

Oshikake Bakunyuu Gal Harem Seikatsu!, or simply Gyaru Harem Invasion, is a series of two doujinshis by artist Hishigata Tomaru. The second film adapts the second and final doujinshi of the series.


JAV: Group of Gals Can’t Stop Having Sex with This Salary Man

Gyaru Harem Invasion is a story about four gal friends who live independently but are currently facing financial problems. Luckily, an salary man who accidentally saw their underwear allows them to stay at his house (after being blackmailed by them) until they solve their financial troubles.

Now that this otaku man shares his home with these beautiful schoolgirls, he unintentionally ends up having a small harem of gal girls.

In this movie, the protagonist finally finds a job. While climbing the stairs of the station he always takes to go back home, he feels lonely again, but in that very moment, he hears several familiar voices.

The girls are uncontrollable, engaging in relentless sexual activities with the man without rest.

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