Hyakkiya Tantei Jimusho: Hyakkiya Hikari no Youkai Jikenbo, Episode 01 scheduled to release on May 28, 2021

The first episode of hentai series Hyakkiya Tantei Jimusho: Hyakkiya Hikari no Youkai Jikenbo (百鬼屋探偵事務所 ~百鬼屋 光の妖怪事件簿~) is scheduled to be released on May, 28 2021.

身体で解決 百鬼屋探偵事務所 ~百鬼屋 光の妖怪事件簿~ 第一話 処女捨山伝説怪奇譚 / Solved by the body Hyakukiya Detective Office-Hyakukiya Hikari no Yokai Jikenbo-Episode 1 Virgin Sakuyama Legend Mysterious Tan

This is Yotsuyamachi.
An ordinary local city that is everywhere.
However, the detective agency in the corner of the town is unusual!
“I’m Hyakukiya Hikari! I’m a detective who has an office in this town!”
The detective is a detective of justice who has the power of youkai and gives the evil youkai the judgment of law!
Boobs boasting cute cat ears.
I love you a little bit crazy ♪
A new request that came under such light.
The hailless appearance of women found in the mountains and the nasty tradition of the village at the foot of the mountain long ago.
Who is the culprit !?
Leave any mystery to the youkai detective Hyakukiya Hikari!
The first title of the new label “Delusion Senka” is solved with your body!
Hyakukiya Detective Office-Hyakukiya Hikari no Yokai Casebook-
Episode 1 Virgin Suteyama Legendary Mysterious Tan
With the erotic body of the Hyakukiya detective “Hikari”, any incident can be solved completely!

「私、百鬼屋 光! この町で事務所を開いてる探偵なんです!」
どんな謎も、妖怪探偵 百鬼屋光におまかせあれ!
新レーベル 『妄想専科』 第一弾タイトル身体で解決!
百鬼屋探偵事務所 ~百鬼屋 光の妖怪事件簿~
第一話 処女捨山(しょじょすてやま)伝説怪奇譚


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