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Gamer and Streamer Girl is Drugged and Raped in Mebuki Trailer

Good news, guys! Just 9 days before the release of Mebuki, Pink Pineapple‘s new hentai about a gamer and streamer girl who gets drugged and raped, its trailer has finally been revealed!

The hentai looks amazing. Fans of somewhat hardcore series will love its first episode.

If you want to watch the episode, don’t forget that it will be released this April 26.


Gamer and Streamer Girl is Drugged and Raped in Mebuki Trailer

“Love-chan,” a gamer and streamer, is facing a downturn in views. Following a friend’s advice, she decides to reveal some of her body to attract a larger audience, resulting in a significant increase in views and followers. Despite being warned by her friend about the potential dangers, “Love-chan” goes ahead and meets her fans at a karaoke to celebrate her success. During the date “Love-chan” is drugged by a bad guy in front of her fans and is taken to a love hotel to fuck.

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